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Original Trilogy Trailers
A New Hope
Empire Strikes Back
Return of the Jedi
1.7 MB
2.1 MB
2 MB
First we have 3 trailer/promos from Sci-Fi Channel.
SE Trailer 6.5 MB And then a Special Edition Trailer including The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

Special Edition Improvements
Cloud City
2.5 MB
Lucas takes us on a walk through of Bespin and points out what improvements have been made.
Jedi Rock
2.5 MB
The new CGI song and dance number with Sy, the dancers and another new singer.
The new Jabba
3.6 MB
The original Jabba scene from dockingbay 94 is compared to the new CGI version (seen in the Special Edition) by visual effects supervisor Steve Williams.
The old Jabba
3.3 MB
The original scene, cut from the original Star Wars movie, with the human actor as Jabba.
Biggs is back!
2.1 MB
This scene with Biggs was put back into the Special Edition of ANH after having been cut out the first time around.

Special Edition Opening Extravaganza
Bobba Fett
1.5 MB
The Bounty hunter with his lovely green date at the opening of ANH in L.A.
Cantina Band
1.8 MB
Figrin and the boys arrive in rock n' roll style.
Vader and Co.
3.9 MB
Vader and assorted stormtroopers, in full gear, make their way towards the theater on the red carpet.

Original Trilogy
2 MB | US Mirror
Comparison made between the original movie quality and the THX enhanced version.
Original FX
2.5 MB
See how some of the FX in the original movie was made.
Making of SW
2.3 MB
Shots from "The Making of Star Wars" featuring Obi-Wan, Lucas, Han and Chewie.
1.5 MB
This footage is from the doc. "From Star Wars to Jedi". It shows how the scene where Threeio is one arm short of a fully functional droid.

Original Trilogy PR
1997 Pepsi Commercial
2.5 MB
The 1997 Superbowl Pepsi commercial with the usher vs. Darth Vader.
Episode 1 Pepsi Commercial
0.7 MB
The very funny "Bug's Life" inspired Episode 1 Pepsi Commercial.
Taco Bell Commercial
2 MB
For Taco Bell's big Special Edition drive.
Tunes Commercial
4.5 MB
Tunes could help Darth Vader breathe more easily.

The Star Wars Holiday Special
The holiday special
17.6 MB
Yes, you read that right. This is the infamous SW holiday special in it's entirety! The show that was deemed so bad it's said that Lucas wants to hunt every copy of it down with a blowtorch. 1 hour and 35 minutes of classic SW fun.
(Keep in mind that this is a Real Audio movie, so the quality of the picture and sound is far from perfect. This is an alternative for those of us who don't want to gamble with buying bootleg copies of it on the web, but want to get an idea of what all the fuss is about. Please consult download help if you have any doubts. Enjoy!)

Misc. Original Trilogy Fun
27 MB
The hugely popular Star Wars spoof TROOPS, by Kevin Rubio, has a much needed European mirror right here. This 27 MB mov-file requires Quicktime 3, and contains all TROOP parts in one quality file.
(For American download sites and more info about the movie, visit which is its official and original host.)
Wicket vs. Dragon
5.5 MB
Lovable Ewok Wicket in wicked fight against a Dragon.
Chewie's Award
7 MB

Chewie receives his just award, the MTV Lifetime Achievement Award, at long last from the hands of princess Leia. Go Chewie!

Safety First
2.1 MB
Threepio and friends give Star Tours safety instructions.
Bopping Leia
1.3 MB
Carrie Fisher; dancing the night away on Saturday Night Live.
Kevin does SNL
4.4 MB
Oscar winner Kevin Spacey spoofs Star Wars auditions with impressions of Christopher Walken, Richard Dreyfuss and the late Walter Mattau.

This is about me!
1.9 MB
This is the audition tape from 1976 with a very young Mark Hamill reading as Luke Skywalker. He later goes on in this MTV/Entertainment Tonight interview, from 1999, to explain the initial confusion when he first got the script.
He just got used to me
2.2 MB
In the second installment of the audition tapes we see Harrison Ford ponder over why Lucas gave him the part.
Carrie's audition
1.7 MB
And last but not least, eighteen year old Carrie Fisher reads her part with Harrison Ford, and reveals who everyone really wanted to play.
If you're interested in seeing who else auditioned for the parts of Leia, Luke and Han; Check this site out!

Did you know...
that even David Prowse, who played Darth Vader, didn't know he was Luke's father until the opening of the movie? Director Irving Kerschner had only told him to make a fist and look angry.

BIG thanks to the following for letting me use their splendid material:, David Coates of the StarWars HUB, Michael Streeter of, CNN Interactive and CBS.
Last but not least: Thanks to Lol McBride for lending me the space to host these files. Cheers mate!

Please don't ask me to send you files! As much as I'd like to help a fellow Star Wars fan as much as I can, I simply don't have the time. Enjoy what you can, while you can... that's my motto. :-) 290646

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