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Cut Scenes
C3P0 removes
the sign

0.1 MB
This itsy bitsy movie, is no more than 2 seconds in length and is from an old ESB trailer. It shows a part of the cut scene from ESB where C3P0 rips a warning sign off a door, holding a bunch of wampas, in the Rebel base on Hoth as the Imperials are about to take over the base.
The Sandstorm
0.3 MB
Another short-short movie (no more than a second) which shows the sandstorm-scene that was cut out of ROTJ. You can read about and see more of this scene in the Cut Scenes Image Archive.
Lost Biggs scene
1 MB
Here's one of the scenes cut from the beginning of the original Star Wars, establishing Luke's and Biggs' friendship on Tatooine. We also get to see one of the strange droids, later seen in the Jawa Sandcrawler scene, up close.
The original
Cantina scene

36 MB
This is the uncut version of the famous Cantina scene from A New Hope. The soundtrack and voice-overs are not there yet, and quite a bit of unseen material, among other things a scene with Han kissing another woman!!
(This movie and the other 3 from Tatooine below are from the "Behind the Magic" CD from Lucas Arts, it's a must have for any Star Wars fan. Also big thanks to the mysterious person who originally made this movie from the CD.)
Luke and the

4.8 MB
Another cut scene from the "Behind the magic" CD with Luke on Tatooine. (No sound with this footage.) In this scene we see Luke on the Skywalker farm by their treadwell. He uses his binoculars to look up at what he suspects is a spacebattle going on.
Going to
Toshi station

8.6 MB
In this scene Luke goes to Toshi station where he finds Biggs and tells him about the battle he thinks he's seen. (This is of course the battle where Vader boards Princess Leia's ship in the beginning of ANH.) If you go to the sound archive you'll find the radio play which also has this scene in it and you get a little bit more of the background around all this.
Biggs says

15.9 MB
This was the scene that sealed the fate for a lot of the lost footage in the begining of ANH. At an early screening of the movie one of the producer's comments was: "Oh yeah! It's like American Grafitti in space.". Lucas, who didn't want Star Wars to be anything like American Grafitti at all, then cut a lot of the scenes involving Biggs out of the beginning to get that Grafitti feel out of it.

Did you know...
that the ending of "Attack of the Clones", with Anakin having his arm around Padmé and the droids by their side, is virtually identical to the end of "The Empire Strikes Back"? They're both the middle movie in a trilogy.

BIG thanks to the following for letting me use their splendid material:, David Coates of the StarWars HUB, Michael Streeter of, Hollywood On-Line, CNN Interactive, Roughcut and CBS.
Last but not least: Thanks to Lol McBride for lending me the space to host these files. Cheers mate!

Please don't ask me to send you files! As much as I'd like to help a fellow Star Wars fan as much as I can, I simply don't have the time. Enjoy what you can, while you can... that's my motto. :-) 140941

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