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Back again after a years absence: Welcome to Star Wars Movie Clips Galore and 400 MB of Star Wars fun! Get your RAM or QuickTime movie player, and let it rip!

Should you have any problems with the download, or picture and sound problems once it's downloaded; take a look at the page for advice and helpful software.

Current Clip Count: 56 !!

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Prequel Movie Clips

Here you'll find Episode II trailers, the official Episode I trailers and trailers with Amidala, Anakin, Darth Maul, Jar-Jar, Obi-Wan, Qui Gon & Shmi.
The entire Duel of the Fates music video.
Prequel TV coverage, including stories from Entertainment Tonight, FOX News, The Late Show, MTV and more!

Cut Scenes Video

Among the lost scenes you'll see C3P0 removing the sign on Hoth, the sandstorm, lost Biggs scene, the original Cantina scene, Luke and the treadwell, going to Toshi station and Biggs says goodbye.
Original Trilogy Movie Clips

The Star Wars Holiday Special.
The popular spoof film - TROOPS.
Rare footage with the original Jabba and Biggs, clips from the documentary "The making of a saga".
Special Edition trailers, improvements and opening night extravaganza with Darth Vader, Boba Fett and the Cantina band.
Reports on THX technique and how special FX were made.
Commercials from Pepsi, Taco Bell & Tunes.
Wicket fights a dragon in "The battle for Endor", Chewie gets his MTV Lifetime Achievement Award, C3P0 gives a lesson in safety, Carrie Fisher appears on Saturday Night Live, auditions and much more!

"On the set, I would have to say, 'Don't blow up my planet, please!' and all I'm doing is looking at a board with and X on it, held by an assistant director who couldn't wait for the tea break." - Carrie Fisher on having to pretend a lot on the set (Rolling Stone)

BIG thanks to the following for letting me use their splendid material:, David Coates of the StarWars HUB, Hollywood On-Line, CNN Interactive, Roughcut and CBS.

Please don't ask me to send you files! As much as I'd like to help a fellow Star Wars fan as much as I can, I simply don't have the time. Enjoy what you can, while you can... that's my motto. :-) 550876

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