The Four Color Personality Test

What Color Are You?

For the following statements, select the ones that best describe you.
Do not think about your choices, and keep your first response.

When you are finished, click the Display Results button at the bottom to see your scores.

Consoling to others Sacrifices personal goals for others
Listens effectively, closely Remains silent; fails to speak up
Recognizes feelings quickly Reacts emotionally, not objectively
Cooperative Gives in easily; will avoid competition
Forms intimate relationships Waits too long to respond to criticisms
Trusts quickly Discourages action
Reassures convincingly Submits to others readily
Follows directions Postpones decisions
Follows willingly, loyally Abandons own priorities
Accepts opportunities readily Fails to follow through frequently
Attracts attention of others Seems immature, distracted at times
Generates innovative ideas Acts unpredictably
Models enthusiasm Gets bored easily
Adapts quickly Develops unrealistic options at times
Provides alternatives in thinking Fails to keep promises
Influences comfortably, easily Needs much attention from others
Expresses ideas convincingly Acts indiscreetly under stress
Thinks logically, provides information Withdraws into work
High standards, careful planning Relies too much on information
Works independently Takes things too seriously
Analyzes carefully Proceeds too long, wastes time
Produces accurate results Perfectionistic, rigid
Employs structure Censors new ideas, likes ritual
Organizes consistently Resists and criticizes spontaneity
Speaks assertively Judgemental/ critical of others
Confrontive, challenging Argues unnecessarily; seems arrogant
High energy level Exploits weakness in others; pushy
Produces despite problems Demands performance
Decisive; acts quickly Intimidates easily; acts prematurely
Accepts challenges Commits beyond capability, time
Ambitious, confident image Suceeds at other's expense
Focused, promotes well Refuses compromise, takes credit

The highest number is your primary personality color, and the next highest is your secondary personality color.