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A Star Wars and Sci-Fi sounds archive, with an emphasis on spoofs and unusual sounds you don't hear in the original movies. (Should you have any problems downloading these files; look for advice and helpful software here.)

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Star Wars sounds
(Suitable sounds for Windows Themes)
You're shot! Wav, 26kB
I say, you'd better pay better attention. Wav, 22kB
I wouldn't do that if I was you. Wav, 24kB
Dogonit. Wav, 15kB
Cry of frustration. Wav, 12kB
NOW you've done it! Wav, 77kB
Looks like you've done it again. Wav, 25kB
The door's been slammed in your face. Wav, 33kB
Uttini!! ('Nough said.) Wav, 11kB
Kindly give it a rest! Wav, 27kB
Don't make me laugh. Wav, 14kB
It worked!!! (And about time too!) Wav, 11kB
What my archives with Star Wars stuff are... Wav, 48kB

My personal favorites
Star Wars Intro Theme in stereo. Wav, 800kB
Star Wars Intro II Wav, 185kB
SW Theme with NoDoubt Wav, 160kB
Heavy-metal SW Theme Wav, 250kB
How are you ? Au, 110kB
Salacious Crumb laughing Wav, 50kB
Salacious Crumb laughing II Wav, 120kB
Gonk! Wav, 140kB
Uta buuta Solo? Wav, 23kB
Kissing advice. Wav, 30kB
Scruffy-looking, nerf herder! Wav, 260kB
Laugh it up fuzzball. Wav, 20kB
What an incredible smell.. Wav, 207kB
Convenient! Wav, 270kB
No impersonations please. Wav, 50kB
An accurate description of my computer. Wav, 32kB
How rude! Wav, 40kB
Han telling Jabba off. (Or is he?) Wav, 95kB
Han talking to Jabba in Dockingbay 94 Wav, 220kB
BBC interview with Mark Hamill about EBS, from 1979. RAM, 666kB

Star Wars/Star Trek spoof sounds
Star Wars in 30 seconds MP3, 470kB
Bob Hope on Star Wars MP3, 3.8MB
Johnny Carson on Star Wars MP3, 5.4MB
News MP3, 2.7MB
Shakesperian Star Wars MP3, 1.8MB
Yoda getting killed Wav, 60kB
Yoda having sex Wav, 150kB
Yoda looses virginity MP3, 670kB
When Yoda met Sally Wav, 105kB
Dinner á la R2D2 Wav, 28kB
Where the real power lies Wav, 55kB
3P0 breaking wind Wav, 75kB
Armageddon I Wav, 135kB
Armageddon II Wav, 47kB
Nerfherder spoof
(farfetched) by Kevin Clein in "Fish Called Wanda"
Wav, 112kB
Star Trek spoof Wav, 314kB
Ace Ventura ST spoof Wav, 40kB
Ren & Stimpy STTNG spoof Wav, 40kB
Luke's opinion of the Enterprise Wav, 50kB
A Tie-fighter vs. Enterprise Wav, 255kB
Holo-Doc from "First Contact" Wav, 20kB
Dustin' crops reference in computergame Wav, 110kB

Star Wars the Radioplay
Episode 1 A wind to shake the stars Ra, 3.1MB
Episode 2 Points of origin Ra, 3.2MB
Episode 3 Black knight, white princess and pawns Ra, 2.9MB
Episode 4 While giants mark time Ra, 2.9MB

Star Wars MP3
Anarchy Steering Committee - I wanna be a stormtrooper MP3, 1.3MB
Bill Murray on Saturday Night Live MP3, 1MB
Blue Harvest - Borg MP3, 5.5MB
Blue Harvest - Greedo MP3, 3MB
Blue Harvest - Han MP3, 1.6MB
Koto - Star Wars Theme MP3, 3.5MB
Maynard Ferguson - Star Wars MP3, 3.9MB
Meco - Star Wars Disco MP3, 5.9MB
Meco - Empire Strikes Back MP3, 3.8MB
Meco - Christmas in the Stars MP3, 3MB
Meco - Bells, bells, bells MP3, 3MB
Meco - Sleigh Ride MP3, 6.7MB
Metallica - Imperial march MP3, 440kB
Phantom Menace Soundtrack - Duel of the fates MP3, 4MB
S.P.O.C.K. - Force of life MP3, 4.4MB
S.P.O.C.K. - The Stormtrooper MP3, 5.2MB
Supernova - Chewbacca (What a wookie!) MP3, 1.6MB
Unknown - My name is Darth Vader MP3, 640kB
Aphex Twin - Star Wars Mix MP3, 5.8MB

For optimal sound, download WinAmp for Windows or MacAst for Macs.

Star Wars spoof songs
Cantina Song Spoofed: The Cantina Band Song Wav, 900kB
Light Saber Spoofed: Night Fever by the Bee Gee's Au, 795kB
Lucas Spoofed: Luca by Suzanne Vega Au, 675kB
Star Wars Spoofed: Car Wash Au, 640kB
Star Wars Cantina Spoofed: Barry Manilow's Copacabana by Mark Jonathan Davis Au, 1.4MB
Yoda Spoofed: Lola done by "Weird" Al Yankovic Au, 1.8MB
Y.O.D.A. Spoofed: Y.M.C.A. by The Village People Wav, 640kB

French Star Wars Sounds
Dubbed into French English Correspondence
Que la force soit avec toi, à jamais. -Ben May the force will be with you... always.
À moi, à moi... à moi! -Yoda Mine, mine... mine!
-Je ne connait pas la peur. -Oui... tu aura peur, tu aura peur. -Luc et Yoda -I'm not afraid. -Oh, you will be... you will be.
-Lâchez-moi! -Yà pas de quoi s'exiter. -Capitaine, me tenir comme vous le faites n'est pas suffisant pour m'exiter -Désolé mon coeur, nous n'avons pas le temps pour autre chose. -Leia et Yan. -Let go please. -Don't get excited! -Captain, being held by you isn't quite enough to get me excited. -Sorry sweetheart, there isn't time for anything else.
Autant embrasser un Wookie! -Leia I'd rather kiss a wookiee!
Vous êtes si prétentieux, si imbécile, si mal fichu... si effronté. -Leia Why you stuck up... half-witted... scruffy looking... nerfherder!
Moi, je suis mal fichu? -Yan Who's scruffy-looking?
Ès eee, mais eeee non non c'est réparé, faut pas s'inquiéter de tout ça, tout tout, tout baigne... oui tout va bîen ici... oui je vous remercie... et vous ça va? -Yan Aaah... had a slight weapons malfunction, but... uh... everything's perfectly all right here now, we're fine, we're all fine here now... thank you. How are you?
-Tu crois qu'une princesse et un zigotto comme moi... -Non! -Yan et Luc -You think a princess and a guy like me... -No!
Eh, toute cette agitation a surchauffé les circuits de mon équipier, si vous le permettez, je vais l'emmener à l'atelier pour le faire réviser. -C3PO All this excitement has over-run the circuits of my counterpart here... If you don't mind I'd like to take him down to maintenance.
Enfin nous nous retrouvons, quand je vous ai quitté j'etais votre disciple, aujourd'hui je suis le maître. -Dark Vador At last we meet, when I left you I was but a learner. Now I am the master.

Star Wars X-mas special
Who knew Carrie Fisher can sing?
(Notice the Star Wars Theme in the background.)
Wav, 1MB
Bad recording of Han and Chewie's opening conversation. Wav, 163kB
The Star Wars cartoon, featuring Boba Fett. Wav, 856kB
Ps! You can download the entire Star Wars Holiday Special in the video archive.

Spaceballs sounds
Apes... Wav, 187kB
Assholes! Au, 180kB
Chicken? Wav, 180kB
Dollplay Wav, 125kB
Instant Movies Wav, 240kB
Now? Wav, 180kB
Pizza the Hutt! Wav, 175kB
Reading... Wav, 105kB
The Ring Wav, 167kB
Roomates Wav, 205kB
The Spaceballs Theme Wav, 167kB
Twist Wav, 60kB
We ain't found.. Au, 25kB

Red Dwarf Sounds
The Red Dwarf Theme (Orig.) Wav, 550kB
The Red Dwarf Theme (Instr.) Wav, 390kB
Smoke me a kipper... - Ace Wav, 35kB
You're a smeeee... - Kryten Wav, 85kB
Stictly butterside up... - Ace Wav, 35kB
And I look... - Rimmer Wav, 220kB
Thank you Susan - Kryten Wav, 30kB
Stop that! - Rimmer Wav, 190kB
The Toaster I Wav, 45kB
The Toaster II Wav, 30kB
The Toaster III Wav, 60kB

BBC Hitch Hiker Sounds
Marvin, I love you! Wav, 2.4MB
Depressed Wav, 38kB
I don't breathe Wav, 105kB
Life! Don't talk to me about life! Wav, 50kB
Vogon Poetry Wav, 360kB
Arthur's reaction to the poetry Wav, 48kB
Must be a Thursday... Wav, 45kB
Listen to your mother! Wav, 145kB
Paperbags anyone? Wav, 47kB
Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters Wav, 95kB

Natalie Portman, who's currently attending Harvard University, says that her favorite subject in school is math because; "There's always an answer."

The Star Wars Cantina, Bob Hope, Johnny, News and Shakespearian spoofs are the property of Mark Jonathan Davis, Y.O.D.A. was originally done by Luke Ski and cudos to to Brian Daley for the radioplay.

Please don't ask me to send you files! As much as I'd like to help a fellow Star Wars fan as much as I can, I simply don't have the time. Enjoy what you can, while you can... that's my motto. :-) 1362118

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