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Nov. 10th
Just a little note to let you know that the second Episode II teaser trailer, called "Mystery" is now available for download. (Yay!)

Get it now!

Nov. 9th
The official site for the "Phantom Menace" DVD released it's second trailer for Episode II today called "mystery".

It looks absolutely AMAZING and I wish I could share it with you all right now... Unfortunately you will have to wait until some kind soul hooks me up with a copy of it since it can't be saved directly from the site. (*wookie growl*)

In the mean time I have something else for you. The DVD site also offers another Episode II preview called "Choices", which is a nice little movie with images and music. If you visit the video archive it's there waiting for you right now.

Nov. 5th
At last!! The teaser trailer for "Star Wars Episode II : Attack of the clones" is finally here. At this point you can download it directly from the official site, but you need to log in as a member. also has it's own copy of the trailer. It'll be faster to download (hopefully) as it is smaller and reduced in quality.

Last but not least we have 26 excellent images from the large high-quality teaser trailer from, here bundled together in a 1MB large zip-file.

Go to the video archive NOW!

Sept. 18th
It is a dark time for the Rebellion... and the real world. At times like these we need fun things to cheer us up and what could possibly be better than a bunch of Star Wars inspired games? :-D

In the revamped games section you can now have a little interactive chat with everyone's favorite Jedi master Yoda in Ask Yoda!

You can play a game of Hangman; where you have to help Obi-Wan defeat Darth Maul by guessing the right word.

Create your very own Star Wars name or ask Vader's magic helmet for the answer to your future.

All that AND more Episode II "Attack of the Clones" images in the prequel image archive. Check them out!

Aug. 6th
Just a quick note to let you know that ten more Episode II "Attack of the Clones" images are now available in the preqiel image archive.

July 26th
The craving for new postcards never ends...
so again on popular demand I have updated with a couple of more cards for you to send to friends and family. Also I have arranged the cards into a couple of categories. This will hopefully make it even easier for you to find a suitable card.

1 new card (a "Valentine" with Amidala and Anakin) is in the "Seasonal" category, and 3 cards with Obi-Wan and Palpatine from Episode II, is in "Characters".

July 10th
I have just come back from a vacation on the French Riviera. While I was down there I picked up the latest issue of the French version of LucasFilm Magazine - which in my opinion beats Star Wars Insider and other English magazines in Episode II news. 20 new images from the set of the new movie are now displayed on the Episode II page.

Have a continued great summer all! :-)

April 28th
It's been a while since the last update so to make up for lost time I've made this update a real goodie.

First there's new postcards in the postoffice including: "Congratulations", "Thank you!" and "Oops!".

Next I uploaded a couple of great mp3s to the sounds archive. Bill Murray's infamous Star Wars tribute on Saturday Night Live and the absolutely wonderful Empire Strikes Back mix by Meco. (It's soooo Star Wars, it's soooo early 80's, it's soooo faaabulous!)

And last but not least I have a small video clip with Kevin Spacey on Saturday Night Live spoofing Star Wars auditions.

I hope you will enjoy these files as much as I have. Until next time! :-)

March 25th
This weekend a film channel here in Sweden broadcasted all 4 films in the Star Wars saga, along with 4 documentaries with great interviews and behind the scenes stuff. It was like Christmas time all over again for me, who LIVE for all this behind the scenes stuff. (Maybe I should work for E!, what do you think?) ;-)
The best quotes from the interviews and most interesting golden nuggets of fun facts have been incorporated into the pop-facts/quotes. Also a dozen of new Episode II scans have been added to the Episode II images. Enjoy!

March 21st
Again on popular demand I have updated the Leia and Han Family Album for the first time since 1996. Yes I know, it was horribly overdue but good things come to those who wait. ;-)
Also you've asked for postcards with Chewie and the new Anakin Skywalker: Hayden Christensen, so surf on over to the postcards to check them out.

March 11th
On popular demand I have added a few more images from the set of Episode II and more "Did you know" facts. The pop-facts are randomly displayed at the bottom of every page.

March 1st
The contest is over and the winners have been notified. Did you get your answers right? Check the contest page!
Apart from feeling like Santa Claus after sending the lucky contestants their winnings, I added images to the forum icons page. 30 more fabulous icons to use as your personal image in the forum. Get 'em while they're hot!

Feb. 1st celebrates 5 glorious years online!
Enter the 5 years celebration contest and win great prizes. A destroyer droid game, a Darth Maul action figure, Star Wars Pez dispensers and super cool t-shirts are at stake.
Thanks to all of you for a great 5 years!

Jan. 23d
The BBS has been updated again, and this time around you get a lot of fun new features.

  • Private messages
    (You get your own Inbox where you can manage your secret messages.)
  • Members list with "high-score"
    (See the menu at the top, between today's posts and help)
  • Personal Photo
    (You can now change your personal icon yourself! Check out the BBS Images Help.)
  • Easier browsing
    (Jump directly to a page by clicking it's number)
Ps. To make the members list page more interesting I urge you all to edit your profiles and let the other members know where you're from.

I hope you will like these new features and keep on chatting!

Jan. 20th
People keep telling me I should do WinAmp skins, being into graphics and all. Well, anyone who's ever made one knows what a pain it is to do. However, with the 5 year anniversary of coming up next month I felt I had to do something special to comemorate it. Head on over to the Downloads to get the official WinAmp skin!

Also for your listening pleasure I've uploaded a great mp3 to Sounds called "Star Wars Mix". A friend sent me this, thinking it was by Aphex Twin. It's not but it's fun song never the less. I hope you like it.

Jan. 17th
With Valentine's Day rapidly approaching I made a few more lovey-dovey postcards for you to send to that special someone. Also "May the force be with you" cards in 3 new languages; Catalanish, Danish and Turkish.

Jan. 9th
Close to 160 icon images have been uploaded to the BBS Images section. They're there to make it possible for you to put a more personal touch to your posts. Read about how you can get an image icon next to your name, an image in your signature and paste images directly into the forum in BBS Images. Have fun!

Jan. 7th
Yes, it's time for even more new pictures in the Episode II section. They're scans from the French edition of LucasFilm magazine and absolutely great to see. Enjoy!


Dec. 30th
Due to recent events I thought I'd sneak in yet another update before the new year...

Status report:
It's been a strange week in land. Apart from the usual postcard rush this time of year the fact that has the Holiday Special has spread around the internet like wildfire. Thanks to links from among others, and my poor server has been swamped like never before by at times as much as 5 times the usual amount of visitors.

Obviously this kind of traffic doesn't come without it's share of problems. If you're a regular visitor of the site you have probably experienced an unusual amount of lag on the site, if not that it's been unreachable all together. I'm sorry about that, but I'm confident that things will cool down and return to normal as soon as the holidays are over.

Real news:
To celebrate the arrival of the new year I have uploaded a bunch of new pictures to the Episode II section. If you've surfed around the Episode II news sites lately you may have already seen variations of them, but perhaps you'll see something new.

Happy new year!

Dec. 19th
The years is on it's last legs and I'm way behind on my X-mas shopping... As I join other frantic last-minute shoppers I realize that I haven't updated lately. Sorry about that folks. It's always busy this time of year.

As a small token of my appreciation for your continued support and interest for the site over the years (nobody mentioned, nobody forgotten) I've made a small Christmas card for you.

Thanks for all your input and inspiration. I look forward to the new year and another great year to be a Star Wars fan. May the force be with you all!

Ps. In the spirit of the holidays; check out the "Star Wars holiday special" in the video archive.

Nov. 21st
Did you ever wonder who was behind the wonderful swordfights in Star Wars? You need ponder no longer! Read the interview with Peter Diamond, the stunt and fight co-ordinator on all 3 original movies. At the same time find out who was behind the mask of the fierce Tusken Raider who attacked Luke in A New Hope.

Nov. 20th
A small but much longed for update. This time with more wallpaper as requested. You'll find new wallpaper with Han Solo and Han & Leia in the downloads section.

Nov. 10th
The Star Wars discussion forum is at this very moment undergoing a major update.

Next time you visit I'm sure you'll notice that there's a lot of more features available to you. New smileys, images, icons, e-mail, HTML and a whole bunch of other fun stuff.
(More information about all the new improvements are on the News board.)

Ps. Due to the update the posts from the last couple of days were lost. I'm sorry about that but am confident that the update will more than make up for it.

"Sorry about the mess." - Han Solo

Nov. 5th
Time for new postcards!
A new batch of great images with Amidala, Padme, Leia, Luke, Vader and Stormtroopers. This time around there had been a lot of requests for Amidala and Leia so you'll find that most of the cards are with those 2.

If you're missing postcards with a certain rebel/imperial/alien, don't be shy! Send me your request. I just might take you up on it. ;-)

Oct. 28th
You asked for it - you got it!
A small update for those of you who have asked me for new wallpaper with your favorite characters to brighten up your desktop:

Surf on over to the Download section to grab Luke, Leia, Han, Obi-Wan, Quo-Gonn, Yoda, Darth Maul or Amidala wallpaper in several different sizes!

Oct. 18th
Yes, you read that right folks. Thanks to Michael Streeter over at the infamous SW holiday special (all 1h 35 minutes of it) makes it into the video archive! The show that was deemed so bad that Lucas wants to hunt every copy of it down with a blowtorch. Don't miss it!

Oct. 8th
25 new images added to the image archive. Cut scenes, behind the scenes and PR images.

Aug. 28th
A new image section has been opened with 50 new images! On the Publicity Images page you can see images that have appeared in various magazines, Star Wars books, on collector's cards etc.

Aug. 24th has no spies on location in Australia or people inside LucasFilm who provide us with information, but thanks to enthusiastic visitors with scanners I've got some pics from the set of Episode II.
On the Episode II image page you'll find some pictures that were recently published in an Australian newspaper. (Some of you may have seen these before since the article appeared a while ago, but I hope you'll find that these are in good quality.) Be aware though that they might give away a little how things and people are going to look, so don't look if you don't want to see spoilers!
In the video archive you'll find a wonderful mock-trailer of Episode II. Although it's not official, it looks very genuine. Download it now!

Aug. 19th
To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of The Phantom Menace opening in my native Sweden, I've revamped and given it an entire new look. I hope you like the new layout and find it to be even easier to navigate around.
I also added a bunch of cut scenes images to the Cut Scenes Image Archive while I was at it. Enjoy!

Aug. 3d
2 funny mp3s were added to the sound archive. "My name is Darth Vader" in the MP3 section and in the spoof section - "Star Wars in 30 seconds".
Also all image pages have now been fitted with thumbnails to make it easier for you to spot what's new. In the Behind the scenes section there is one new area, namely Hoth images and there's about 30 new images throughout the behind the scenes area.

July 4th
I realized, going though the news archive, that it's been a very long time since I last updates with some images. Images is what this site is all about after all so I dove right in and uploaded some images that I've been meaning to get up for a long time.
In the Image archive you'll now find 2 new sub-pages. One dedicated to Salacious Crumb (you gotta luv him!) and the other to bloopers. I've also uploaded a couple of new images to the Lover's Lane section. (Look for new pics under "Kiss and make up".)
These images were all captured from my VCR with a pretty crappy graphics card, and since the recording wasn't all that hot to start with the quality isn't the best, but I hope you'll enjoy them all the same.

May 20th
11 minutes of behind the scenes footage in the video archive as the movie "Ultimate Special FX" (under prequel TV coverage. See how ILM worked on the Phantom Menace and created amazing special FX.

May 6th 2000
A new batch of postcards were added to the Postoffice. This time around the cards are multilingual versions of the phrase "May the force be with you". Send a greeting in your language!

April 20th 2000
You have been screaming for new postcards, especially with Ewan McGregor, so here they are. 7 new cards including a "Happy Easter" card.

April 11th 2000
3 new movies in the video archive. Look for "Biggs", "Armless" and "Sand" in the Quick Menu and you'll find them.
(Actually they're not so new. I uploaded them over a year ago and then forgot about them. The new part would be my linking them into the page finally. *g*)

The scripts to all 4 movies, the holiday special and the first draft to A New Hope were added to Scoops.
(If you haven't already; read the first draft. I read it years ago and it's very interesting. The language and the characters are really different and it's a long way from the ANH we all know and love.)

March 31st 2000
This hot off the presses: BlueHarvest'net now has it's very own BBS! In this Bulletin Board System/Discussion Forum, you can talk about anything Star Wars or sci-fi. Post rumors about the prequels, ask tricky questions, showcase your very own Star Wars art or fan-fiction, start in-depth discussions about who's the most furry - Ewoks or Wookies. Only your imagination sets the limit. Grab a handle and start chatting today!

Feb. 17th 2000
Continuing to celebrate's 4 years on-line I have a couple of more goodies for you. Some of you may already have seen them, since they were on the "Behind the Magic" CDs, but you can now also view them on-line; the cut scenes from A New Hope!!!

We've been teased with a few pictures and sounds over the years, so we've known they exist, but to actually see them is something else. Rush on over to the video archive and get them!

Feb. 16th 2000
It's that time of the year again. This Febuary celebrates 4 glorious years on-line!! Time certainly flies when you're having fun. I've updated with a couple of real goodies. First an interview from 1979 with Mark Hamill where he talks about filming The Empire Strikes Back.
Next we have 2 new Phantom Menace spoofs in the video archive. One from the Late Show with David Letterman, and one with Lisa Kudrow as the host of the 1999 MTV movie awards.

Webmasters! I've made some changes involving a lot of the music and movie files. If you've linked to any of my files and now discover that the link doesn't work anymore, it's because of this new anti-leech CGI-script I've put in. I'm not going to be super strict with this, if you want to link to my stuff, just mail me and I'll put you on the list with sites that are allowed to mirror. I put the script there to keep big sites like Audiofind from mirroring my material. It was starting to drag my server down.

Jan. 29th 2000
I haven't had much time for updates lately. The demand for new postcards (with Phantom Menace character in particular) has been great. The e-mail from you all about it has flooded my inbox so I took time to update the postoffice today. 5 new cards and a new layout for the page to better fit the increasing ammount of cards. Enjoy!

Jan. 3d 2000
The new millenium is here and to celebrate I've updated with a couple of goodies. A funny commercial for Tunes, with Darth Vader, was added to the video archive and a great mp3-spoof with Yoda was added to sounds.

The Postoffice now has 24 cards to choose from and the last stats tell me that you're sending 250 cards a week. Not bad! I'm also happy to report that is Y2K-bug-free as of yet (knock on wood) and everything's been up and running smoothly as usual. Happy new year everyone!

Dec. 9th 1999
Added a couple of new cards to the Postoffice. You can now choose from 19 different cards, you're sending an average of 200 cards every week and it's growing rapidly!

Nov. 27th 1999
A new page with images from the new CD from LucasArts "Star Wars:Episode 1 - Insider's Guide".
Also a cutle little Pepsi Commercial was added to the Video Archive.

Nov. 17th 1999
Wow! The Star Wars postcards have been on-line for only a month and already it's a massive hit. A lot of you come back again and again, and so the demand for new cards has been great. So far the most popular card by far has been the Yoda (lonely inbox) card. I've now added 5 new cards to satisfy your e-card needs.

Oct. 17th 1999
What is missing from I have images, sounds, movies, music, interviews, chat, games, downloads and a lot of othe things, but there was one thing missing; Star Wars Postcards!
Now you can send a virtual card to a friend the Star Wars way. Since I only just set this up today there's only a few cards to choose from yet, but fear not, more is on the way.
Additionally I changed the main page a little to include a page about Just a small page with a short history of the site, a little about myself and most importantly; thanks to all those who have contributed to the site.

Oct. 12th 1999
I haven't had much time lately to work on the site. But since I'd gotten some mail about the guestbook and about how much it su--- ... eh... was less than satisfactory (with which I totaly and utterly agree) I made the time and built a brand new one.
I hope you'll like it. Leave messages for other visitors and leave a permanent mark on this site! Sign/Read the brand new guestbook.

Sept. 2nd 1999
Okay already! Upon request (nag, nag :-P) I used a couple of my favorite images to make some spiffy wallpaper for your desktops. It's mostly blue (go figger), available in the Downloadables section and in several different sizes. I hope you'll like it.

Aug. 19th 1999
Yesss! The Phantom Menace has finally reached Sweden and I'm updating the site again. It's been 3 months since the last update and I'd like to thank all of you who have e-mailed me, signed the guestbook and displayed the Star Wars Now! banner on your site during this time. Your continuing support warms my heart, and seeing how you've been so patient though all this I thought I'd make this update something extra special.

Did you really think I'd been idle all of this time? Well... ahem... okay, so maybe I took just a little bit of a vacation at first, but then I rolled up my sleeves and started working on the new look for the site which I'm hoping will not only be a visual improvement, but even easier to navigate around. With the added feature of the search-engine on the main page you can search the entire site and find (hopefully) exactly what you're looking for.'s very own chatroom is something I've wanted to be able to offer my visitors for a long time, but since chats (if they become popular) hog bandwidth like nothing else, hosting it on my own server has not been an option. I'm already stealing more bandwidth than I should and constantly holding my breath that traffic wont increase, because I would then have to shut down parts of the site and/or add ugly banners to pay for the bandwidth - both of which are options I'd like to avoid for as long as possible. The chat is therefor hosted by another server in the US which allowed me to design it like I wanted it, and the gateway to reach the chat is on the chat page. I hope you like it. Meet other fans, visitors to this site and have fun!

You'll find even more fun on the Games page. Download demos, hints and read the reviews. A good place to start if you're looking to get into Star Wars games.

May 19th 1999 and earlier
Yes, it's true. As of May 19th and the opening of the Phantom Menace I will no longer update this site until mid August when I will get a chance to see it myself. Why? You haven't visited the Star Wars Now! campaign site I see.
The reason I'm shutting myself off from the Internet Star Wars world is that I don't want the new movie spoiled before I get to see it myself, and that means no more digging up new material for the site (since I risk running into spoilers) and a minimum of mail reading/answering.
I'm sorry that this has to affect you, my visitors, but the same thing happened to me during the Star Wars Special Edition and I don't want it to happen again. Thanks for your continued support and I'll see you all again in August.

xoxo/Sofia aka. Blue Harvest

My my my, how fast time passes when you're having fun.
This February I'm celebrating 3 years on-line! (Thanks to Pete for pointing it out, I'd almost forgot.) How suitable that it's celebrated by moving to a new and improved server!
Thanks again to my very generous friends at CIXIT for giving me 500 MB of space on their fast server for me to play with. :-) I now have the means to offer my European visitors a great alternative to the huge files that were previously located on American servers, AND I can host a lot of other stuff I've collected but didn't have space for before.
New is an interview with Toby "Jabba the Hutt" Philpott. In this exclusive for Blue he shares with us what it was like on the set of Return of the Jedi and some interesting and funny anecdotes. Don't miss it!

To celebrate Valentine's Day I've added some new pics into Lover's Lane. I've also linked some new files, including some new prequel images (from Star Wars - Behind the Magic, Vanity Fair and Star Wars Insider) and the TROOPS series, into the Video Archive.

Also a brand new project is up: It's a music page with a couple of songs I've put together myself, just for fun. Anyway, at the beginning of February everything should be up and running, so y'all come back now y'hear! :-)

December 1998 and earlier

Yay!! It's out!! (What you say? Is it possible you haven't heard?)
Th very first Star Wars: Episode I preview/trailer!!!
On popular demand I've put up a link to it in the Video Archive. For now only the Real Video version, but if I find a server to host it, I'll also be able to offer you the MOV/AVI version soon.
(I try to keep a low profile. Once I tried hosting the TROOPS videos... as some of you loyal visitors may remember. ;-) But my poor server almost crashed from the radical jump in popularity. Jikes!)
Thank the Force for the Official Star Wars site!

Long time no update...
I had some trouble this summer... In early June my harddrive crashed on me, and with it disappeared years of work and collected StarWars stuff. Fortunately I'm of a paranoid nature, so I had back-up:ed a lot of stuff. :-)
Among these files were some stuff I'd planned to put on-line for a long time, but never got around to... Well, the wait's over! In the new Downloadables section you'll find StarWars fonts, cursors, icons, games and other neat stuff, and still more is on the way. Enjoy!

September 1998 and earlier

Said I wouldn't... but now I've caved in and added a behind-the-scenes image page for the making of the prequels. :-)
Original images are hard to come by. Seems like all magazines and sites have the same sources, are are fed the same few pictures. Hopefully some of these featured here are new to you though.
I also added some Simpsons cartoons on the main image page. Enjoy!

Yes, we're back. :-) As some of you noticed - the site was down a couple of days due to system maintenance. Believe you me... it was as hard on me as it was on you. ;-)
Thanx to those who sent letters while the site was down, and to answer your collective question: I'm here to stay. :-)

As of June 1st all of my StarWars pages are operational under my new domain (ain't it neat?!).

From this page only I've decided to let my most loyal visitors in on a wee experimental page I did once (when I had more time), just for fun.
Also I added some sounds on the sounds page, among them a corny song by a Swedish band called "Broder Daniel". Enjoy!

Lovely... HUGE... great quality close-ups of some of the main characters added to the image archives.

I've found a new lovely excuse to use my beloved graphicsprograms: Banners!
You've seen 'em, you're plagued by them, they're everywhere these days... a pest if you ask me, but I've been asked to make some flashy banners so that people can use them on their links pages.
Aaaaallrighty then! Here they are.

The Cut Scenes page has been updated with more great quality sandstorm pictures from ROTJ, and Biggs images. And I've added a few more cuddly pics to Lover's Lane.

Jan 5th 1998

Nothing much has happened here since some time before X-mas... But I've found a new lovely excuse to use my beloved graphicsprograms: Banners!
You've seen 'em, you're plagued by them, they're everywhere these days... a pest if you ask me, but I've been asked to make some flashy banners so that people can use them on their links pages.
Aaaaallrighty then! Here they are.

Late 1997

It's that time of year again, and I couldn't resist using some of my Christmasy pictures... You'll find a new section on the image page with X-mas images and you'll notice the X-mas decorations around the site no doubt. ;)
The Cut Scenes page has been updated with more great quality sandstorm pictures from ROTJ, and Biggs images. And I've added a few more cuddly pics to Lover's Lane.

For a long... looooong time now I've been waiting for a brilliand idea for a new interface to pop into my head. The look of the site has bugged me endlessly since it's been a mishmash of the varous styles I've gone through in it's 2 year history.
Well... the idea hasn't shown itself to me yet. But I played around a little this week-end, and the new interface of the main page and other minor changes in backgrounds and graphics was what I came up with. It'll have to do for now, knowing me I'll probably change it all again in a months time, but atleast I got rid of the tiled backgrounds. ;-)

1996-1997 (exact dates unknown)

Due to exams and various committments I haven't been able to work on the site like I used to. Updates will be sporadic for a while until Lady Luck and Mr. Gradepointaverage smiles upon me again. I've added bits and peices, nothing worth mentioning really, but files are still being added. Thanks for you patience. :-)

At last my server has been upgraded. Hopefully this will mean an increase in speed and decrease in failed downloads. It is currently running at 2.5 times its old speed, so I'm hoping this will mean that my larger files will cause less heartbreak for those who couldn't download them before, within the 10-15 min timeslot they had.

I've added a new page with interviews. One is from before StarWars was even released, and one is after StarWars became a phenomena, i.e. a Rolling Stones interview.
I hope you'll enjoy both, I know I did. :-)

I finally took the time to re-organize all of my dreaded image directories. There were several hundred pictures in each directory, so it had been a constant cause for irritation for a very long time. They are now split up into several smaller directories that make more sence (if not to anyone else - to myself).
Having done that... I could at long last take the time to incorporate all the new pictures I'd promiced to get on-line for so long. So now there's 8 (yes, count them) eight !! new picture pages up. All behind the scenes stuff, and all in all I've added close to a hundred !! new pictures. (Man, I need a vacation.) :) Enjoy!

I've played around a little bit and moved all the pages that weren't StarWars pages to a brand new page. That page will be the jumpstation for all the other pages from now on.

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Did you know...
that for some shots at the podrace in Phantom Menace - thousands of colored Q-Tips were used to pose as the audience? Enough Q-Tips to last a normal person dozens of lifetimes.

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