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The forum continues to grow

July 2005
I haven't written anything in this section for ages. There is a reason for that.'s Forum is so busy these days it's stealing all the time I used to spend on updating the site. It's growing faster than Jabba the Hutt at an all-you-can-eat buffet table and its members are always happy to welcome newcomers.

As for future updates of the rest of the site... well... who knows? I have tons of Prequels material I could add. But with my webspace depleted it will have to wait until I can find some more.

As ever I hope you enjoy what's here. Why not stop by the Forum and have a look-see? You won't find a friendlier place anywhere on the web. :-)

Jan 14th 2004
Today is a day that I've been waiting for for almost 3 years. The BBS is finally shedding its old skin and moving into a brand spanking new system witch will greatly improve its speed and has all the latest features.
For those of you who have visited the forum lately you have most likely been frustrated by long load times and that was the main reason for switching to a new system.

In this process we'll be saying good bye to a couple of dear old friends...
  • The Stars/ranking system works differently in this new system
  • Your login now also works as your nickname
  • Signatures, as well as avatars, change everywhere at once when you update it

    Maybe I'll be able to get around this in the future but even if it proves to be impossible... prepare to fall in love with these new spiffy features instead:
  • A better Private Messaging system
  • More comprehensive Profiles
  • Polls
  • Calendar function
  • My assistant (helps you keep track of new posts etc)

    Head on over to the new forum and have a look!

    The new address is:
    Your login and password are the same as before. (As your login name and nickname now are one and the same, please PM me if you want to change your name.)

    Please be aware that the forum has been opened in a half finished state. Some old codes in signatures, odd buttons, missing smiles and other beauty flaws like that are being worked on later the week. In the mean time: "Sorry about the mess." - Han Solo ;-)

    I hope you will enjoy the improved speed and new features. See you around the forum!

    April 13th 2003
    Good news! After a year's absence - the video archive is back up and running. Thanks to the very generous contribution of one Lol McBride I now have the space needed to host the vast archive once more.

    400 MB of Star Wars fun, including the web's only complete copy of the Star Wars Holiday Special, Star Wars trailers, fan movies, cut scenes from the original trilogy, Star Wars related commercials and tv shows, audition footage, spoofs, behind the scenes and "making of" documentaries, music videos and more.
    (Keep your fingers crossed that the archive will be able to stay up this time.)

    As some of you have noticed - there has been a severe lack of updates of in the last few months. I'd like to thank to those of you who have mailed me their encouragement during this time. You provided me with the kick in the rear end that I needed and your enthusiasm is the reason I'm doing this, so thanks. ;-)

    June 22d
    Bored with your old screensavers?
    Can't find any good Star Wars screensavers?

    Never fear! has the answer.

    First up is the "Star Wars Stick Figure Animation Screensaver"
    Remember those quirky little animations on the main page? Here's all of them collected together in a screensaver that will have you in stitches.

    Second we have the "Star Wars Two Generations Screensaver"
    A tribute to two generations of creative minds behind the greatest movies ever made... Can you spot the similarities between the new and the old? ;-)

    Get them in the downloads section!

    March 17th
    Bad news folks...
    I'm very sad to announce that after 6 years I've been forced to shut down the video archive. Without a new sponsor that can handle these large and popular files I'm afraid that the archive will stay down. Please let me know if you or your company would be willing to help. Just mail me for more details. Thanks!

    On a brighter note: The postoffice has been updated with the "Duel of the Fates" song, a nice postcard with Wedge and "May the force be with you" cards in Bulgarian and Thai. Enjoy!

    Dec. 1st
    It's time for another update!

    With the holidays rapidly approaching I thought it would be a good idea to remind you of a few features that you may have missed.

    1. You can download the entire Star Wars Holiday Special in the video archive.
    2. You can send free holiday e-cards to friends and family in the post-office.

    New this season is 3 tracks from the CD "Christmas In The Stars" by and with Meco, Threepio and R2D2! The songs are "Christmas in the Stars", "Bells, bells, bells" and "Sleigh ride". Download them from the sound archive and have a good giggle. If you want to know more about the CD the songs come from and how to get it I have included a link below.

    For more laughs I'd like to encourage everyone who hasn't already seen the web-documentary "R2D2 - Beneath the dome" to pay a visit. See what happens with people with resources produce a spoof!

    That's it for now. Enjoy and until the next time... have fun!

    Download the Holiday Special
    Send e-cards
    Get the new songs
    Info about "Christmas in the Stars"
    R2D2 - Beneath the Dome

    Nov. 12th
    Sad news Star Wars fans...

    I got a letter today from LucasFilm which ordered me to remove the Episode II trailers from the site. (And here I thought was too small for them to notice. :-( )

    At least some of you managed to download the trailers in the few days they were up. :-/ For those of you who missed it: You can still get the "Breathe" teaser trailer from the official site, it's linked from the prequels video archive.

    News Archive:
    Read old news from 1996 to present.

    Last but not least I would like to thank those visitors who have donated pictures, sounds and movie clips to my archives. Your contributions are sincerely appreciated by myself aswell as my visitors.
    Happy surfing/

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