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Every single time I go surfing I find something new and interesting out there... Star Wars fans all over the world are great at finding new themes, unique material and have the will to share it all with fellow fans. Unfortunately, I rarely have the time to surf anymore... what am I missing?
Have you found something really funny out there, something unique that stands out and deserves recognition? Maybe your own website is the best well-kept secret on the net. Let me know!

Star Wars Costumes
Whether you are looking for your next Halloween costume, are a serious collector, attending a theme party, or convention, you will find your Star Wars character costume in child and adults sizes.

Star Wars Spoofs
A collection of hillarious Flash movies by professional animator Ryan Simmons.

Baby Fett
Star Wars humor by a talented Danish cartoonist.

The Boba Fett Fan Club
The fan club of the most popular anti-hero in the Star Wars universe.

CNN's Star Wars -20 years later
A page from CNN with movie clips, interviews, follow-up's on the actors and much more.

TheForce.Net Theater
You've all heard about TROOPS, this is a great place to find new fan-made SW movies. Check out "Bounty Trail", a salute to SW comics with wonderful special effects.
Star Wars gaming news site with a lot of fun features. Skins and addons for Star wars games made by enthusiasts, patches for the games and gaming forums.

Prequels, Multimedia, Literature and Software is covered at this site, but it's ace up the sleeve is without a doubt Evan's Cinema section. Don't miss it!

A Star Wars parody on Microsoft with Darth Paperclip.

Obi-Wan's Jedi Academy
Build your own lightsaber, get costume tips and see what other props fans have replicated.

Peter Diamond's official website
Peter Diamond; the tusken raider and the man behind stunts in movies like Indiana Jones, Highlander and of course - Star Wars.

Sir Steve's Guide
Collector's resource with forums, price guide, classifieds and much more for collectors of Star Wars memorabilia, action figures e.t.c.

Star Wars Trilogy: Official Website
Hats off to this ground-breaking site. Usually 'official' stands for dry and boring, not so in this case. Packed interesting stuff to discover. It's a must-see.

Star Wars As Seen on TV
A brilliant site about all the TV-shows that have featured SW cast members over the years.

Star Wars Blooper Guide
One of the best authorities on bloopers in all 4 movies. 200 bloopers and counting.

Tatooine or Bust
See this awesome 13 minute movie about the cult around Star Wars. Waiting in line, the action figures... the whole 9 yards.

Toshi Station
Excuse me a moment while I drool... 2 words: Hubba hubba! A different site with splendid graphics and humor.

Trooper Clerks
For those who love Star Wars and also follow the adventures of "Silent Bob" religiously there's now a movie for you! Download Trooper Clerks at their site where there's also a Flash-movie in Kevin Smith syle and extensive information on how to make your own stormtrooper costumes.

Geek Wars : Waiting for Anakin
Allllriiiight! This is another fan-made movie, this time about waiting for the opening of the Phantom Menace.


Did you know...
that the ending of "Attack of the Clones", with Anakin having his arm around Padmé and the droids by their side, is virtually identical to the end of "The Empire Strikes Back"? They're both the middle movie in a trilogy.

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