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That's no moon...

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Did you gasp as you saw Obi-Wan climb onto the minuscule ledge, over a never-ending shaft, to put the tractorbeam out of commission? Well, this is what it really looked like.

Matte painting replaced the black floor, surrounding the tractorbeam, with the infinitely deep shaft you see in the movie.

Here's another example of where mattepainting was used. (The bluescreen being replaced with the mobile starlit sky.)

And what they added...

The same technique was used in the scene when Luke and Leia failed to extract the bridge over a shaft, and had to swing over - Tarzan style.

steel-sabers.jpg mark-fight.jpg mark-fight2.jpg practice.jpg
A similar technique was used to replace the steel-sabers, used to fence with here, with the characteristic neon-glow of the lightsabers.
The ladder two are from rehersals. The actors were instructed in the fine art of swordfighting by Peter Diamond, who started his career fencing with Errol Flynn.

Filming the exhaustport approach in the trench. If you look closely, you'll see a mirror at the end of the model trench, mounted there to add to the illusion of depth and length.

On the filmstudio's parkinglot, a climactic scene - when torpedoes hit the exhaustport, was staged.

In this picture the explosion of a fighter in the trench is filmed.

ds-build.jpg starde-build2.jpg starde-build.jpg
Face-masks, goggles, plastic gloves... everything to ensure the perfection of the putting together of all the tiny pieces that makes a Stardestroyer. A work in progress in these 3 pictures.

David Prouse walking down a corridor of the Deathstar as Darth Vader.

Brother and sister, about to swing over one of the never-ending shafts, to escape a party of stormtroopers.

George giving last minute instructions to Peter "Chewie" Mayhew.

3onset.jpg 3onset2.jpg 3onset3.jpg
Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill on the set of the Deathstar.

carrie-mark.jpg carrie-mark.jpg carrie-mark.jpg
The two youngest members of the cast relax between takes.

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