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C3P0 aka. Anthony Daniels

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Mirror, mirror on the wall... who's the fairest droid of them all? Anthony Daniels inspecting his costume before a take.

Poor Anthony, being pulled at from all directions. It's tough being the droid.

Not only was he pulled and pushed around by everyone, he also had to stay inside his costume for long periods of time in the warmth of the Tunisian desert. Here he gets some well deserved refreshment through the minimal breathing hole in his helmet.

From this other angle we can see Mark Hamill on the right.

- I don't really have to wear this costume during the whole movie, do I?
- 'Fraid so mr. Daniels, says so in your contract... right here!

Getting high up on a soft dune of sand, wearing a plastic/metal body suit, isn't the easiest thing in the world. Here Daniels is helped by a couple of crewmembers to get into position.

Talking to the director of ESB, Irving Kerschner, on the set of the Hoth rebelbase.

How the scene on Bespin where Chewie carried Threepio on his back was filmed.

R2D2 aka. Kenny Baker, and other droids

Kenny Baker in his alter ego: R2D2. Or is it the other way around...?

driod-repair.jpg droid-repair3.jpg
Remember when 3P0 got disassembled on Bespin? Well, this is R2 in the same situation... or should I say R2s? Also the droid referred to as "Red" by Luke, and who's motivator fails minutes after it was purchased, is seen to the right in the first of these two pictures.

This is one of the radio-steered versions of R2 that were made. When the droid was to express more emotion, like in the ceremony at the end of ANH, actor Kenny Baker was called on to (-as he himself said in an interview recently) "rock from side to side as much as possible".

Here's Kenny having lunch with Gonk, the powerdriod on the set of the Larsfarm.

And last but not least we have our 2 favorite droids together in one great shot. Featuring 3P0 with his now infamous silver leg.

Chewbaka aka. Peter Mayhew

Here's how the designers initially envisioned our furry friend. Looks a tad more like Wicket, the Ewok leader, than the tall fuzzball we all know and love, doesn't he?
(On a sidenote: After shooting the trashcompactor scene in ANH, Chewies costume retained a strange smell for the duration of the filming.)

chew-half.jpg shoulderpads.jpg
Mayhew going through a scene at the set of ROTJ. Notice the shoulderpads and "grease-paint" left around the eyes.

reach-chewie.jpg style-chewie.jpg
That Peter Mayhew, who plays Chewie, is tall -we see clearly in the movies. But as his make-up crew was not of equal height, this must have created problems. Furthermore I should mention that 2-3 spray-cans a day was used for Chewie's face mask alone.

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Did you know...
that the Ewoks sing in Swedish? In the chorus for the end title song they sing "Det luktar flingor här" which means "it smells like cereal here".

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