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When making the new scenes for the Special Edition movies, Jeremy Bullock who used to play Boba Fett was replaced by Mark Austin. A blue screen, like the one we see in this picture, was used to add this new Boba Fett to shots he was originally not in.

ola-lucas.jpg oola.jpg oola3.jpg oola3.jpg
For the Special Edition make-over of ROTJ, the woman who originally played the dancer Oola, was looked up to do some additional scenes. The British dancer is still in great shape and could therefor step in without problems - a member of Lucas' team explains. (But would Lucas himself have been replaced with a body double if he'd had a visible part in the movies? ;-) )

This alien playing a harmonica-like instrument was created, for the new song-number in ROTJ, lovingly entitled "Jedi Rocks" by ILM workers.

se-addcrowd.jpg se-bluetroop.jpg
Thanks to bluescreen footage and the work of the computer gurus at ILM, more stormtroopers and people could be added to the streets of Mos Eisley.

Also added to the Mos Eisley scene was an elaborate shot of a stagering Ronto.

For the new panorama of Obi-Wan's house, this model of a typical Tatooine-style home was made.

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