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Have you ever thought about how much time the developing of each look for everything in the 3 movies would take? The designers originally tried a more rat-like look for the Ton-tons, but later decided on a more rugged look to go with Hoths extreme weather conditions.

Here's an interesting design for the two legged imperial walker. Makes you wonder what made them change the design... Perhaps the windows were too big, or is was built too robust to be smashed between the stems of two trees. :)

The "feet" of the walkers examined in detail.

The walk of elephants were studied in order to make the walk of the huge Imperial AT-AT look authentic.

prodsc4.gif prodsc5.gif
Seems like the designers had a lot of fun equipping Boba Fett with all kinds of outrageous weapons. Pity he never got to show off that flame-thrower on his arm in the movies, he only got to use his rocket-pack... once.

The development of the stormtrooper desert rides, the Dewbacks, exposed.

The infamous stormtrooper helmets take shape.

Before the artists for the Special Edition had figured out how to make Jabba walk along with Han in Dockingbay 94, they toyed with the idea of having Jabba sit in a kind of a hovering contraption. These are a few examples of what that may have looked like.

Here are a few of the very first primitive sketches of our beloved R2D2.

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Did you know...
that "Attack of the Clones" was filmed on the very same sound stage as "Moulin Rogue!", in which Ewan McGregor also had a lead role.

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