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These are all images that were taken for PR purposes, for magazine articles, books or trailers. Great for detailed study of costumes or props. If you're interested in more images like these I recommend picking up copies of the "Star Wars Visual Dictionary" series. Great quality pics!
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pr-amidala     pr-amidala2     pr-amidala3     pr-amidala4
Amidala's costumes and make-up in detail.

Liam Neeson's Qui Gon costume. (Very Samurai indeed.)

pr-maul     pr-maul2     pr-maul3
Ray Park as Darth Maul.

pr-obi     pr-obi2
Ewan McGregor as Obi Wan Kenobi.

pr-padme     pr-padme2
Padmé the handmaiden, the Queen's loyal servent.

This pilot, in his yellow-cab-like ship, has his own R2-unit.

More ships like the one above (The Royal Naboo Starfighter, N-1) reside in this hangar.

This is one of the Naboo Palace guards responsible for the Queens sequrity.

panaka2-swbtm     panaka-swbtm
PanaKa, seen in picture 2 with R2, is head of sequrity for the Queen.

Senator Palpatine -still played by Ian McDiarmid.

One of the Tatooine street sets.

preq-naboo2-swbtm     preq-naboo-swbtm
The beautiful Theed palace on Naboo. Flowers and marble everywhere, fit for a Queen.

Elaborate costumes worn by these two patrons to the Queen's palace.

Young Anakin's bedroom on Tatooine.

Huge image of a confrontational Obi with sword.

The official Phantom Menace poster. No further introduction needed I think.

A HUGE image (almost half a MB) with some neat info about lighsabers and more.

Another HUGE image with short intoductions to the main characters and creatures in Star Wars.

time-cover     news-cover
Star Wars in the press.

Trailer B Images
This package of 22 images are from the second trailer.

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Did you know...
that aliens, the same species as E.T., can be seen in the senate, right after Queen Amidala calls for a vote of no confidence in chancellor Valorum's leadership.

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