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making-cover The following images are from the book "The making of Episode 1". If you're interested in more facts and pictures of this kind I warmly recommend this book. Behind the scenes extravaganza!
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making-aud     making-masks
The audience used parasols between takes to block out the sun and it looks like the old Cantina band is among them.

making-hot     making-hot2
Sometimes a parasol wasn't enough and castmembers with masks on had to have cool air pumped into their costumes.

making-lucas     making-bluesc
Lucas himself chips in and gets rid of some unwanted tracks in the sand and the Skywalkers on what will become their ride.

making-c3p0     making-c3p0-2     making-c3p0-3     making-c3p0-4     making-c3p0-hot
Making the new.. sorry, I meant older version of 3p0 was a complicated process. His arms and legs were guided by a man who stood right behind him. The puppeteer was dressed in a color that coould easily be edited out once the scene was done.

making-jarjar     making-jarjar2     making-jarjar3     making-jarjar4
Making JarJar was equally complicated. The head on top of the actor was only there so that the others would know where to look, it too was edited out in post-production and replaced with those floppy ears and the moving head.

making-tip     making-tip2     making-tip3
For more distant shots of the audience colored Q-Tips were used.

making-fight     making-jump
First we have Liam, Ray and Ewan in the middle of a fightscene. Notice the swords - before the glowing lasereffect has been put in. Next we have Ray "Darth Maul" Park hurled away with the help of hydrolics.

making-ray     making-maul-makeup
Poor Ray had to have his head shaved for his role as Darth Maul. The makeup was done by Paul Engelen seen in the second picture.

making-maul     making-maul2
Two shots of Maul on the set.

making-padme-hair     making-palp-ami
Natalie Portman having her hair styled on the set and later talking to Ian McDiarmid who returned as senator Palpatine.

Judging by Liam's clothes in this picture you could almost think it was taken in '76 at the first Star Wars movie. Very spiffy Liam... not. ;-)

making-kenny     making-luc-ana-r2
Peekaboo! A lovely shot of Kenny Baker inside R2D2 and Jake gives the old heap of scrap metal a hug.

Lucas directed the Phantom Menace just like he did ANH. In a recent inteview he said he didn't trust anyone else to do the job, nobody else knew the technique and story like he did. (Point taken George.) Here he's talking to Liam on the set.

making-model     making-model2     making-model3
Designer Doug Chiang and George Lucas supervices scenes involving models.

making-palace     making-speed
Inside the beautiful palace on Theed, Naboo and a familiar looking transport on Tattoine.

making-team     making-team2
The sets on PM were only built as high as the actors and the rest was computer animated or matte painted in. Liam Neeson however is so tall that he cost the crew an extra $150,000 in production.

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Did you know...
that for some shots at the podrace in Phantom Menace - thousands of colored Q-Tips were used to pose as the audience? Enough Q-Tips to last a normal person dozens of lifetimes.

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