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insiders-guide The Star Wars Insider's Guide CD follows in the footsteps of the "Making the magic" and "Behind the magic" CDs. These are a few of the goodies from the best behind the scenes of Episode 1 CD yet.
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A small model of Theed, the capital of Naboo and the home of Queen Amidala.

ig-theed-reggia     ig-theed-reggia2     ig-theed-constr
The first 2 images were taken at the Reggia Palace in Italy which served as a double for the Naboo imperial palace. The last is one of the many smaller sets constructed in the US.

ig-theed-model2     ig-theed-model3
Models of beautiful buildings in Theed.

ig-theed-model4     ig-theed-model5     ig-theed-model6
More models, this time with bluescreen where the river will be.

ig-theed-hangar     ig-theed-hangar2
The Theed hangar in it's model shape and fully-sized set.

ig-tat-track     ig-tat-track2     ig-tat-track3     ig-tat-track4
First the podrace spectator's platform set, and then 3 images of the racecourse models under construction.

ig-park     ig-park2     ig-park2b     ig-maul
Ray Park in training. You'll recognize Ray even without the make-up because of his shaved scull. :-)

ig-tat-jawa     ig-senate-momaw
Jawas and "Hammerheads" on the Tattoine and Senate sets.

ig-sacred-gunga     ig-jedi-temple
These images of the sacred Gungan grove and the Jedi temple in Coruscant are early composites of concept-art production sketches and actual footage, before the computer generated images have been added in post-production.

ig-padme-sketch     ig-padme-sketch2
Possible looks for Padmé. (Is the second one a warped version of Leia's ANH hairdo or am I crazy? ;-) )

ig-ani     ig-ani2
The mischievous Jake Lloyd on the set.

ig-amidala     ig-r2-padme
Natalie Portman as Amidala and Padmé.

ig-droids     ig-jedi
In the first image you can clearly see the man behind Threepio, the green against green technique this time. In the second image you'll see Jar-Jar as he appeared before the computer-wizards at ILM had done their job.

ig-qui     ig-qui2
Two marvelous images of Liam Neeson as Qui-Gon.

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