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insiders-guide The Star Wars Insider's Guide CD follows in the footsteps of the "Making the magic" and "Behind the magic" CDs. These are a few of the goodies from the best behind the scenes of Episode 1 CD yet.
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A small model of Theed, the capital of Naboo and the home of Queen Amidala.

ig-theed-reggia     ig-theed-reggia2     ig-theed-constr
The first 2 images were taken at the Reggia Palace in Italy which served as a double for the Naboo imperial palace. The last is one of the many smaller sets constructed in the US.

ig-theed-model2     ig-theed-model3
Models of beautiful buildings in Theed.

ig-theed-model4     ig-theed-model5     ig-theed-model6
More models, this time with bluescreen where the river will be.

ig-theed-hangar     ig-theed-hangar2
The Theed hangar in it's model shape and fully-sized set.

ig-tat-track     ig-tat-track2     ig-tat-track3     ig-tat-track4
First the podrace spectator's platform set, and then 3 images of the racecourse models under construction.

ig-park     ig-park2     ig-park2b     ig-maul
Ray Park in training. You'll recognize Ray even without the make-up because of his shaved scull. :-)

ig-tat-jawa     ig-senate-momaw
Jawas and "Hammerheads" on the Tattoine and Senate sets.

ig-sacred-gunga     ig-jedi-temple
These images of the sacred Gungan grove and the Jedi temple in Coruscant are early composites of concept-art production sketches and actual footage, before the computer generated images have been added in post-production.

ig-padme-sketch     ig-padme-sketch2
Possible looks for Padmé. (Is the second one a warped version of Leia's ANH hairdo or am I crazy? ;-) )

ig-ani     ig-ani2
The mischievous Jake Lloyd on the set.

ig-amidala     ig-r2-padme
Natalie Portman as Amidala and Padmé.

ig-droids     ig-jedi
In the first image you can clearly see the man behind Threepio, the green against green technique this time. In the second image you'll see Jar-Jar as he appeared before the computer-wizards at ILM had done their job.

ig-qui     ig-qui2
Two marvelous images of Liam Neeson as Qui-Gon.

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Did you know...
that "Attack of the clones" is the first movie where Yoda is completely computer animated? Frank Oz was available on the set, but only as an aid to the actors with his voice.

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