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Star Wars Episode II "Attack of the Clones" in the making

Displayed here are the first spy-pics that came out of the set of Star Wars Episode II. Also images from the French "LucasFilm Magazine", "Star Wars Insider" and's "Making Episode II" movies.

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The teaser poster from Episode II : Attack of the clones.

Episode II Teaser Trailer Images - Breathing
26 exellent images from the large high-quality teaser trailer from, here bundled together in a 1MB large zip-file.

Episode II Teaser Trailer Images - Mystery
43 images from the second, and larger, teaser trailer from; bundled together in a 700 kB large zip-file.
(Don't forget to check out the trailers in the video archive!)

hayden.jpg scooter.jpg scooter2.jpg
The new Anakin Skywalker, Hayden Christensen, likes to ride around on his scooter.

natalie.jpg natalie2.jpg natalie3.jpg
This new outfit that Natalie has on reminds me of the white suit Leia had on Hoth in ESB. Don't you agree?

ewan.jpg lf-ewan2.jpg
Ewan of course looks older in this movie. Following in Qui-Gon's footsteps he's let his hair and beard grow.

By the by, did you know that Ewan was born a siamese 
twin? Him and his brother Gary were separated shortly after birth and Gary now owns a small shue shop in Surrey 
England... No... not really. So kill me, I have a bad sence of humor. Just checking if you were paying attention. :-P 
On with the show!
I ask you... is this appropriate behaviour for a Jedi? Honestly lads! Ewan and stunt co-ordinator Nick Gillard "wave" to the snooping cameras. ;-)

Here the two engage in a more serious activity, namely sword-fight practice.

And here they are again, posing in a more traditional manner this time, with Samuel L. Jackson.

fight.jpg fight2.jpg
Hayden, here with fight coordinator Richard Boue, needs his practice too.

This is Boba Fett's father - Jango Fett in his armour.

alien.jpg alien2.jpg alien2b.jpg
Two kinds of aliens. The first one is the same species (I guess) as the alien we saw in the senate (giving advice to chancellor Valorum). The second looks like a cross between "the Predator" and D'Argo from "Farscape".

Here's Anakin in some sort of restaurant or bar. My guess is that it's inside the drive-in we've seen among the select images.

droids.jpg lf-droids.jpg lf-3p0.jpg
The droids as we're more used to seeing them. C3P0 not looking so naked this time around with his cover-plates in place. In the second image they're on a spaceship, possibly a Nubian cruiser, with colorful panels.

Inside a habitat, much like the one we saw the Lars/Skywalker family in - in A New Hope. The man in the picture is Uncle Owen as a young man.

ani-ami.jpg ani-ami2.jpg italy.jpg italy2.jpg
In the first image Amidala and Anakin are in a garden, perhaps in Theed. You can't help but wonder what got Amidala so upset. These photos were taken in Italy where some of the filming took place.

Can you feel the tension in this photo? If you can't, you should probably check out part four of's "making Episode II" series, where sparks fly between Amidala and Anakin. ;-)

lf-natalie.jpg lf-natalie4.jpg lf-natalie2.jpg lf-natalie3.jpg
sm-amidala.jpg sm-amidala2.jpg
Six lovely images of Natalie from the French edition of LucasFilm Magazine. In the third we see her sporting the new hairdo that goes with the white "suit". Very nice!

lf-hayden.jpg lf-hayden2.jpg lf-hayden3.jpg lf-hayden4.jpg anakin2.jpg
anakin3.jpg hayden-rick.jpg hayden2.jpg
hayden3.jpg hayden4.jpg anakin-mosespa.jpg
Eleven great close-ups of Hayden.

Hayden rests on a bunk in a Naboo starship.

The caption reads: "Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman listen to George Lucas recommendations on the set of a Naboo ship in Star Wars: Episode II."

"Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor) and his Padawan, Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen) talk to Padmé Amidala in her apartment on Coruscant."

In the Jedi Temple Library Obi-Wan and Jocesta Nu admire a statue of Count Dooku.

obi-mace.jpg obi-jay.jpg
Obi talks to Mace Windu before taking off in his "chaser" and then he engages in conversation with Captain Typho.

Here George talks to Ewan and Samuel L. "Mace Windu" Jackson.

dooku-windu.jpg windu2.jpg windu.jpg
Count Dooku and Mace Windu, and a couple of images of Mace by himself.
(Btw, Windu's looking mighty mean with that sabre but a purple sabre? Hmmm... ;-) )

interior.jpg lf-interior.jpg lf-interior2.jpg
Interior sets from Episode II. The personal chambers of Queen Amidala perhaps?

A giant feeding-bottle? A time machine? A night club light fixture? You'll find out in Episode II.

A huge spark plug for a spaceship? No, a Coruscant generator actually.

lf-build.jpg jediship.jpg
LucasFilm's props and sets departments soar with activity providing the film with all those important details that make the Star Wars saga so visually appealing.

car.jpg car2.jpg
garage.jpg garage2.jpg
There can be no doubt about Lucas's love for old cars. In "Star Wars:A New Hope" he cut out the scenes which resembled "American Grafitti" too much... now he seems to have come full circle. In Episode 2 we'll see more scenes with Anakin's speeder, perhaps here on it's way to a drive-in, and Anakins garage - seen in the last 2 images.

cover.jpg lf-hayden5.jpg lf-boys.jpg lf-boys2.jpg
lf-ewan.jpg lf-couple.jpg obi-style.jpg couple-dinner.jpg
In these other images from LucasFilm Magazine we see Hayden, Ewan and Natalie.

lf-ian.jpg lf-set2.jpg hayden-ian.jpg palpatine5.jpg
palpatine2.jpg palpatine3.jpg palpatine.jpg palpatine4.jpg
Ian McDiarmid returns for the 3rd time as Palpatine. A little older and a little more evil this time around perhaps.

assistante.jpg guard.jpg
The first shady character is one of Palpatine's assistants and the second one of this trademark red guards.

Count Dooku/Darth Tyranus, played by Christopher Lee, is a powerful character in the new movie. An influentiual evil agent who breaks out from the senate, according to LucasFilm Magazine.

Australian actress Rose Byrne plays Dormé, one of Amidala's handmaidens.

Jay "Captain Typho" Laga'aia has a new kind of device attached to him. We can only speculate in what it is. If it's anything like the device that covered Lando Calrissian's sidekick Lobot's eyes it could be a communications device.

A wonderful close-up of Silas Carson aka Ki-Adi Mundi, who you might remember from the Jedi Counsil in the Phantom Menace.

Three images (in one) from the new version of the Cantina. This time on a ship and we can spot a couple of old familiar faces in the crowd.

misc.jpg lf-ladies.jpg lf-lady.jpg
lf-ppl.jpg lf-passengers.jpg lf-blue.jpg lf-misc.jpg
bith.jpg couple.jpg luminara.jpg
Misc. people on the set.

Notice to French visitors:
Il y a quelqu'un qui peut m'envoyer des images des prochains numéros du LucasFilm Magazine? Écrivez-moi!

Last but not least I'd like to take the oppertunity to thank a couple of lovely people without whose help this Episode II section wouldn't exist. Big kisses to my scanning crew; in Austraila - Sean, in Belgium - Paula, in France - Thomas and in the US - Mark and Sarah. Thank you guys! Keep them scans on coming! ;-)

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Did you know...
that even David Prowse, who played Darth Vader, didn't know he was Luke's father until the opening of the movie? Director Irving Kerschner had only told him to make a fist and look angry.

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