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Prequel Images is mainly an original trilogy site. But even I, although hopelessly in love with the original 3 movies, have been hooked by the Prequel-craze sweeping the world. Here's my humble contribution.

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Star Wars Episode III in the making

The clapper board has evolved a bit since the original trilogy. This digital clapper makes sure that every frame of film is sorted and accounted for in post production editing.

Anakin     Anakin Palpatine
Anakin Skywalker a.k.a. Hayden Christensen on the set. Talking with Supreme Chansellor Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid, who is making his 4th movie as Palpatine).

Hayden     Ewan
Hours spent in a make-up chair every morning is a must for any Jedi. Hayden is here getting ready to have his otherwise flawless skin beat up by the make-up department, for his dramatic look in Episode 3. Ewan's hair needs to evolve more into that of Sir Alec Guinness in Episode IV.

Duel     Greenscreen     Stunt people
Hayden and Ewan in the middle of practicing a climatic battle. Then on the set of a Trade Federation Cruiser. Finally stunt doubles take their place in a dangerous scene.

Kit Fisto     Baab
Jedi Knight Kit Fisto and Senator Feema Baab in the make-up department, undergoing their transformations.

A pair of handmaidens in Senator Padmé Amidala's Corouscant apartment veranda. On the left: Ellé (Chantal Freer) and Morteé (Krist Wright) on the right.

Set     Set 2     Props
The first image is the bridge of a Trade Federation cruiser being built. The second is a new kind of transportation vehicle for Palpatine and last we have all the makings of a do-it-yourself lightsaber building kit.

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"I used to know all the lines. Me and my mates used to watch it and we did the whole thing. Take on differet parts... I liked being princess Leia the best."
- Ewan McGregor

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