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The Tatooine - Mos Eisley Set
Mos Eisley with surroundings

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Huge centerfold picture showing how much of the Jawa's Sandcrawler that actually existed. Pretty darn big.

This is was Mos Eisley looked like from afar. (Before it was painted in using matte-technique.)

speed-crane.jpg speeder2.jpg speeder3.jpg
The mysterious hovering speeder. - A couple of shots of Mark Hamill driving his Tatooinian landspeeder, powered by a rotable crane.

Detailed shot of the futuristic speeder, driven by Luke.
(With it's 3 rockets, it reminds me a little of the 50's space design, used in the "Flash Gordon" comics. Which was also made into a movie about the same time.)

Hang on! Banthas don't have trunks, do they?

sandman.jpg sandman2.jpg
Soft mats broke Mark's fall as they filmed his fight with an angry Tusken Raider.

behind-camera.jpg behind-camera2.jpg behind-camera3.jpg
Various shots from the set of A New Hope.

mark-camera.jpg mark-camera2.jpg
Mark Hamill has a look though the camera.

Shade, my kingdom for some shade!
Imagine being trapped inside a steaming hot metallic/plastic body and air-tight costume in the Tunisian desert... hour after hour. Large garden umbrellas were used to give the actors (especially those forced to stay in costume) shade in-between takes.

Since it took too long for Anthony to get in and out of his costume they couldn't let him out between takes. On top of that he couldn't sit down, so he was provided with a leaning board with arm-rests for him to stand/lean in.

An umbrella in your drink Mr. Hamill? - In the blazing sun of the Tunisian desert, Mark Hamill, Alec Guinness and a Stormtrooper find shade under a parasol.

Mark, George and ANH producer Gary Kurtz - celebrating sir Alec's birthday.
Incidentally... Mark admitted in a radio-interview from '76 (before the film was released and became a huge success) that he, being the first-time actor that he was and overly-eager to do a good job, used to hang-around his big idol Alec Guinness (and Peter Cushing who played Tarkin) so much so, that Alec once had enough and paid him a dollar to go away.

With the speeder, safely resting on plywood boards on the ground, Mark Hamill prepares to enter the Cantina.

A cross-dressing Greedo? Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't Greedo male? Lucas gives some advice for the actress (!) who portrayed Greedo, in the Mos Eisley Cantina.

Not only is Greedo a woman... but he smoked too??
(It's actually a straw through which she got some extra air between takes.)

I dare not even comment on this one, you see for yourself. :)

Where cars and trucks couldn't go, these donkeys carried the equipment. Phew! Looks heavy. A job that kicks ...

The original Jabba the Hutt (Declan Mulhouland) discusses Greedo's death with Han in Dockingbay 94, while George Lucas supervises. Notice also Chewie in the background looking rather bored.

bang.jpg bang2.jpg
Filming the Falcon's dramatic escape from Dockingbay 94.

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Did you know...
that aliens, the same species as E.T., can be seen in the senate, right after Queen Amidala calls for a vote of no confidence in chancellor Valorum's leadership.

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