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kiss-pre.jpg abouttokiss.gif swkiss2.jpg
Han Solo; leaning in, closer and closer...

kiss.jpg calendar-kiss.jpg kiss-falcon-inter2.jpg kiss-falcon-inter.jpg han-leia.jpg
Princess Leia and scoundrel/smuggler Han Solo's first kiss aboard the Falcon.
(Click here for a movie clip (3.9 MB) of the scene, or here for a small animation.)

kiss-freeze.jpg kiss2.jpg
The now classic exchange of the lines: "-I love you. -I know..." have a pretty funny way of coming into being. It is rumored that Carrie Fisher, during the time of filming ESB, experienced the downside of substance abuse. She would often miss, or forget, her lines. So after numerous re-takes of this heartbreaking scene, Harrison Ford got tired of the whole thing and said "I know" in response to Carrie's line, as a sarcastic remark. Lucas then thought that read better than the "I love you too" that was originally intended, and the rest is history.

carbonkiss.jpg carbonkiss2.jpg hug_han.jpg
Reunited at last! Leia frees Han from the carbonite, but soon they realize they're not out of the woods just yet.

smoothie.jpg lando-kiss.jpg
Is that a touch of jealousy in Han's eyes?

kiss-bespin.gif kiss-bespin.jpg
A tender moment alone among the clouds on Bespin.
The last image (3 pics in one) is actually a cut scene that never made it into EBS.

ohkiss.jpg ohkiss2.jpg ohkiss3.jpg ohkiss4.jpg ohkiss5.jpg endorkiss.jpg vic-kiss.gif
The great make up kiss at the end of Return of the Jedi.

kiss-endor.jpg kiss-ewoks.jpg kiss-anim-rotj.gif
Passionate kiss on the forest moon of Endor. All is well that ends well. (The last image is an animated gif of the scene.)

In an interview for MTV in February 1999, Carrie Fisher admitted that she and Harrison Ford often enjoyed each others company both on screen and off. "It was like two different movies", she said, "Mark was off on Dagobah training to become a Jedi and Harrison and I were getting drunk in cloud city". They often only had a few hours in-between calls, which made it difficult to catch any sleep, she explains. She and Harrison went out instead, and she also revealed that should we look closely we could very well see how worn out they looked in the scenes on Bespin.
(This picture is taken from a 1980 Rolling Stone interview.)

cantinakiss2.jpg cantinakiss.jpg
This is a cut scene from the Cantina in ANH. The idea behind it was apparently to give Han Solo a womanizing style.
I captured these images from the "Behind the Magic" CD-rom which has the entire scene. You can also see it on the cut scenes video page.

Last but not least I felt I had to include this smootch too, eventhough is was between bother and sister.

Hear their declarations of love

Leia telling Han in ESB. - (230kB, Wav)

Han telling Leia in ROTJ. - (580kB, Wav)

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"There's so much more to think about just than, you know, how am I going to say this line and what am I thinking right now? You have to think; Wait a minute, I have to hit this mark here and I have to stay out of the way of this space over there because that's supposed to be some character." - Natalie Portman finds a Star Wars filmshoot more difficult than your ordinary film

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