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The Millenuim Falcon
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In this picture we can see the cast and crew, busy shooting a scene inside the cockpit of the Falcon. For this particular type of shot, only a partial model of the Falcon was used, as they had to be able to simulate a sometimes bumpy ride. (Which in some cases was done merely by a couple of stage-hands, grabbing onto something conveniently out of camera and rocking the set on cue.)

Here we see the full size model of the Falcon on the Hothian set, which in reality was located in England.

In this beautifully detailed picture, at Dockingbay 94 where Han waits for Jabba in this picture, we get a pretty good idea of how big the Falcon really was.

Looks strange without the gray paint and other details on it, doesn't it? But this wooden structure is indeed the ship that "made the Kessel run, in less than 12 parsecs".

A nice close-up of the wooden-Falcon, a little further along it's course of being completed.

Another bird's-view of the construction of the Falcon.

Down on the ground again, you'll see one of the gunner-windows, used by Han and Luke to blast their way out of the Deathstar.

Rear-view, revealing where the lightspeed engine is... not.

This considerably smaller model of the Falcon was suspended in thin whires, in front of a blue screen to simulate flight.

Let's have a look inside the Falcon. Here's 3 angles of the room where Luke took his first step into a larger world, by practicing against a remote.
It's one of the many smaller sets that was made to look like you actually were in a fully functional spaceship.

Stop-motion photography was used to make the holographic chess board.

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Did you know...
that in The Empire Strikes Back, Mark Hamill had to bang his head 16 times on the ceiling of Yoda's hut before the director was satisfied. (Ouch!)

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