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Cut Scenes : ANH
Missing Biggs Scenes

For a long time, this memorobilia shot from the book "The making of StarWars", was the only shot of Biggs cut scenes on the Net. Before the Special Editions were out that is, and we finally got to see some more of him.

biggs-luke.jpg biggs-luke2.jpg
Nice close ups of Biggs and Luke in Mos Eisley, cut from the very beginning of ANH.

Here they are again. Luke with his "fisherman's-cap" on. Closest to the camera we have the woman Camie and "the Fixer", looking at the Starcruisers that attacked Leia's ship in the beginning of the movie.

Cut Scenes : ANH
Additional Missing Footage

An old woman shouts at Luke to slow down with his speeder in Anchorhead.

Aunt Beru uses the blue milk dispenser in this shot which was never used, before the dinner scene.

cut-luke3p03.jpg cut-luke3p02.jpg
In these two shots they experimented with shooting the speeder in front of a projected background. Note the Mos Eisley like mosque in the second image.

Luke decides against putting the restraining bolt back on Threepio at Ben's house.

More of Mos Eisley and an additional checkpoint shows up in this lost cut.

A joke scene that was cut is this one with a tiny "Flash Gordon" who confronts his spindly pursuer in a back alley.

A distraught Leia is taken away, after the demolition of Alderaan, in this unused scene.

The rebels pretend that they belong on the Deathstar after their escape and blend in.

Han and Luke congratulate each other after the successful fight with the TIE fighters.

Cut Scenes : ANH
Cut Cantina Scene

cantinakiss2.jpg cantinakiss.jpg cut-hancantina.jpg
This is a cut scene from ANH. The idea behind it was apparently to give Han Solo a womanizing style. I captured these images from the "Behind the Magic" CD-rom which has the entire scene. (And many other cut scenes, GET IT!!)

Cut Scenes : ESB
Cut Nursing of Luke

cut-lukenurse2.jpg cut-lukenurse3.jpg cut-lukenurse.jpg
After Luke was injured by a Wampa on Hoth and rescued by Han he was put into a tank, as you might remember, to heal. In this cut scene a medical droid is putting some kind of "Phantom of the opera"-like mask on Luke.

Cut Scenes : ESB
The Wampa Door Incident

The now classic scene with the mysterious door. The story is that there were more Wampas on Hoth. A couple of them ventured into the Rebel's base, where they were tricked and locked safely inside an unused chamber. (As the Rebels had other things to worry about at the moment and didn't have the time to deal with them.) Somebody then put a caution sign on the door so that no one would enter by mistake.

cut-tonton.jpg cut-tonton2.jpg taun-hoth.jpg
A Taun-taun was killed by one of the Wampas that broke into the base. It's examined here by a droid.

cut-3p0rip.jpg 3p-sign.jpg cut-3p0rip2.jpg
Here we see 3P0 removing the sign, on his way out to join the others by the Falcon, as the base is slowly being demolished by the Imperial attack.

wamp-door2.jpg trooper.jpg trooper2.jpg trooper3.jpg
Imperial troops discussing weather they should enter or not. What could it hurt? Entering a room never killed anyone... until now that is.

Cut Scenes : ESB
Cut Han torture

han-torture2.jpg han-torture3.jpg han-torture.jpg
When you see these extra shots of Han being tortured in ESB you can't help but wonder if Lucas or director Irving Kerschner had something against Harrison Ford. ;-)

Cut Scenes : ESB
Cut Scene on Bespin

Han and Leia spent some more time alone on Bespin which was cut. (I can't imagine why.) 3 images in one.

Cut Scenes : ESB
Cut Rescue Scene

cut-lando-luke.jpg cut-lando-luke2.jpg cut-lando-luke3.jpg cut-lando-luke4.jpg
Lando struggles to get Luke inside the Falcon.

Cut Scenes : ROTJ
The Missing Sandstorm

The sandstorm occurs after Leia, Luke and the others save Han from his fate as wall ornament in Jabba's Sailbarge Ship. They escape the Sarlacc, steal a ship and head for safety. Only they have engine trouble and get stranded on the dunes of Tatooine when a sandstorm suddenly comes over them.
They were unable to finish shooting this scene because the big fans used to simulate the storm kept jamming up with sand.

Han and Leia carries someone (or something), while 3P0 is trying keep up in his best "Hey, Wait for me!"-manner. In the foreground we see something that looks like Luke's arm. But it could also be the arm of a member of the filming crew.

The gang finally arrive safely at the Falcon. From the left: 3P0, R2, Leia, Han and Luke. (Where Chewie and Lando are is anyone's guess.)

In this nice close-up we see 3P0 (trying not to bump his head), Leia (completely concealed by a blanket), Han (with shades on) and Luke (looking like a nomad)... about to embark on the Falcon.

The "StarWars Insider" recently published these following pictures...
In this one we see Mark and one of the crew who operated the large fans that created the winds in the sandstorm. Also up on the left we see the "nose" of the Falcon.

Here's Mark again... standing in front of one of the huge fans, putting his trademark black glove on.

Harrison in protective goggles and Mark, both squinting to avoid getting sand in their eyes.

Threepio, Luke and Han in front of the Falcon, about to embark.

Threepio and R2 dashing towards the Falcon and shelter.

Threepio, all by his lonesome, in front of the Falcon.

Mark, looking more like a Tusken Raider than Luke in goggles and blanket.

Leia, expressing her happiness to see Luke, with Han looking on.

From the left (I believe) we have: Luke, Lando, Chewie, Leia, Han, R2 and Threepio... all about to climb aboard the Falcon.

And finally we have a cute little picture of Leia and Han holding hands, with Threepio barely visible in the background.

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Did you know...
that Mark Hamill, being young and enthusiastc, annoyed Alec Guinness so bad on the set of SW:ANH that Alec once payed him a dollar to go away. (1976 radio interview)

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