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Trailorpark-living. - Here's Carrie in her slave-costume (concealed under a robe), Mark (also in a robe) and Billy Dee on their way to take their places on set.

A huge wooden structure was constructed for the set of Jabba the Hutt's Sailbarge.

Speaking of huge... the set of Jabba's Sailbarge was so big the crew used a kind of 3-wheeled motorcycle to get from one end to the other. The ship itself was inspired by the pirate movies of the 40's in design, with canon shutters and the board leading to a certain death.

sailbarge-set2.jpg barge1.jpg barge2.jpg barge4.jpg barge5.jpg barge6.jpg
Here's a collection of different angles of the gigantic ship. (Notice the smaller ship mounted on two pillars, in the first of these six pictures.)

With a set as huge as this, is easy to imagine how hard it must have been to keep the location of the shoot a secret from all the fans, interested in catching a glimpse of the stars. So what they did in order to stop this invasion of uninvited visitors was; that all involved were instructed to say they were shooting a horror movie called: "Blue Harvest- Horror beyond imagination" when asked. All personnel also wore T-shirts and caps with Blue Harvest printed on them to make it authentic. From what we hear, they're little scheme worked quite well.

Boba Fett, getting ready to use his rocket-pack. Next to him on the right is Luke, with his back to the camera.

This is another angle, this time also showing Han and Chewie to the right.

Not even here were all the scenes shot out in the open. Parts of the liberation-fight to save Han, was filmed against a bluescreen, like this one.

Brave crew members work on putting the final touches on the almighty Sarlacc, before Boba Fett is to meet his gruesome fate.

Carrie gets her makeup refreshed before a take.

Carrie had to get into really good shape to fit into the infamous metal bikini. It still didn't fit her perfectly though. Apparently Jeremy "Boba Fett" Bullock who stood right behind her could see "all the way to heaven" as Carrie put it in an interview.

Here's Carrie and the pupeteer, from Jim Henson's studio, who operated Jabba's pet - Salacious Crumb.

A relaxed moment on the set between takes.

jabba.jpg rotj-jabba.jpg
This is what Jabba looked like before he was all put together. As you can see he was hollow. That was so that the guys inside (there were 3) who operated him could fit in.
(Read the interview with one of the men who were inside Jabba the Hutt!)

jabba-slime.jpg jabba-slime2.jpg
Jabba being slimed up for the next take.

Lucas, hanging over the railing of the Sailbarge, checking the angle of an upcoming shot.

Inside the barge Max Reebo was operated by 1 puppeteer who was inside him, and 2 others keeping him in place since the "Reebo-suit" was very heavy.

unmask.jpg unmask2.jpg
Not only were the costumes very heavy, they were also extreemly hot. The actors inside had to be let out as often as possible for air.

sy-mouth.jpg sy-mouth3.jpg
How to solve the problem with Sy Snootles, the singer aboard Jabba's barge, was one of the most challenging of Return of the Jedi.
Here George tells the team, who builds the creatures for the movie, that he wants Sy's lips to be able to move.

sy-pic.jpg sylips.jpg sylips2.jpg
The result was a complicated process where pupeteers pulled Sy's lips open and shut with strings. A string was also attached to her mouth and the microphone, which you can clearly see here.
This scene was one of the main reasons why Lucas wanted to do the "Special Editions". In the remastered version, as I'm sure you know, the old Sy was cut out completely and replaced with a computer generated creature. No strings attached.

sy-guy.jpg syguy.jpg syguy2.jpg
syguy3.jpg syguy4.jpg syguy5.jpg syguy7.jpg
Making Sy dance was even more complicated. One man stood directly underneath Sy. He moved her feet with strings that were attached to his feet and moved her body with other strings, while watching her on a monitor. Another man stood directly above Sy and pulled a couple of other stings.
Kind of makes you wonder which sollution was the more time consuming. The old puppet Sy with all her strings and pupeteers, or the Special Edition 3D model.

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"What's also great for me is to watch the kids watch that love scene (in the Falcon when Han and Leia kiss for the first time) and they don't go, 'Yucky.'" - Harrison Ford (Rolling Stone)

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