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The Star Wars Family Photo Album

Those of you who have seen my work before know that I love playing with pictures. The idea for this page was a family album, filled with snapshots and reflections on days passed. They lived happily ever after... Yeah? But then what?
This is basically just me, knocking myself out, toying with the idea of what Han and Leia's family album might look like, after years of marriage.
Kitchen mishap The day their trusted kitchen garbage compactor broke.
Men and their toys... I tell ya, if I had a penny for every time.... Get your priorities strait woman!
Some people have no manners Han doesn't want to have dinner with a bunch of Leia's short and very furry friends.
Never dine with Ewoks They go anyway and Han insults their cooking... bad move.
Hide, quick! Han quickly ducks out of sight when Leia comes home with a long list of household tasks for him to complete.
Damn, I knew I should have gone to the Cantina! It was going to be a quiet day. Han was going to kick back with a beer and maybe work a little on the Falcon... Then Leia came home with her noisy girlfriends in tow.
In the beginning Nostalgia flashback: Before Han and Leia got hot and heavy, Luke had to convince Han to go on a blind date with his sister.
Who said guys only have one thing on their mind?
Han knows best Han giving Leia laundry tips.
BBQ - Solo style Dinner time at the Solo-ranch.
Mrs Pouty Leia, showering Han with terms of endearment.
I beg your pardon? Han's responce.
Hickups! The day after...
For the love of Gawd NO!!! Han's reaction - seeing Leia coming out of the bathroom in the morning.
Oh la la! Han's reaction when Lando asked him if he had some lipgloss.

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Did you know...
that Qui-Gon Jinn's communicator is a razor for women (Sensor Excel) that's been painted and redecorated.

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