Star Wars GONK
Gonk... the box, the myth. This page is dedicated to the gonkiest droid in the StarWars universe.

A lean mean fighting machi--, eh... guess not. Who, in their right mind, can believe that this lovable droid was responsible for the "Gonk-Wars"? Anti-Gonkists claim that the Gonk (EG-6) is evil and must be destroyed, whereas faithful Gonk followers claim the Gonk is a form of deity and should be treated as such. Therein lies the conflict, that according to doubtful sources has existed for centuries. (This one's for all you out there.)

Subjected to terrible torture while in Jabba's palace. (ROTJ)
(Don't try this at home kids!)

The nitty-gritty
3D rendering of Gonk
A smaller dito
Gonk costume viewed from 3 angles
Gonk actionfigure viewed from 6 angles.
Gonk Technical Sketch
Gonk Technical Sketch 2
Spot the Gonks in this picture from the rebelbase on Hoth.
What is a Gonk ?
Another horrific shot of Gonk being tortured.
Gonk is going to be in the prequels too.
(This is a shot from the set of the Phantom Menace)
Here is Gonk at the Larsfarm on the set of ANH.
Gonk playingcard, in the StarWars customizable cardgame.

Gonk Sightings
In A New Hope

  • 1:st Spotted in the Jawa's droid-collector transport vehicle. After the silvery droid saying: "Bepo, berpa ta-da-jisu."

  • 2:nd And possibly the most famous sighting is when the Power Droid is seen walking towards the camera uttering it's trademark sounds: "Gonk...gonk gonkestia kohje." (Wav)

  • 3:d The Gonk can be seen running from the Jawas as they open the door to their transport on their arrival to the Skywalker farm.

  • 4:th Can be seen walking towards Aunt Beru (from the left) as she asks Luke: "Tell Uncle if he gets a translator, make sure it speaks Bocce."

    In Mos Eisley

  • 1:st seen in the upper left hand corner when a white and yellowish vehicle passes in front of the camera from the right.

  • 2:nd seen when Luke, Obi-wan and the droids are being asked by a stormtrooper: "How long have you had these droids?" Left corner, behind the stormtrooper.

  • 3:d A glimpse can be seen, by a stormtroopers shoulder after Obi-wan says: "These aren't the droids you're looking for".

  • 4:th As the stormtrooper says: "Move along, move along!" The Gonk is moving behind 3-P0's shoulder in the middle of the screen. (From the left to the right.)

  • 5:th Driving towards the Cantina a R-5 unit passes in front of the speeder (from our angle) and the Gonk is behind it. 3-P0 sitting up in the vehicle covers him for a second or two as they drive by.

  • 6:th On a horse? Before 3-P0 says: "I don't like the look of this." You can see something looking suspiciously like our box on a horse/camel-like creature of some kind. (Upper right hand corner.)

    Gonk Links
    Gonkst du mir? - What gonk really is.
    GONK costume - A GONK fan's very own costume.
    Lego GONK - How to make a Gonk in Lego.
    Golden Gonk - Win the Golden Gonk award!
    Gonk Networks - Searchengine, free webmail and more.

    Gonk Song
    From Fredrik Arnerup
    GONK! The Power Droids Sing

    GONK! the power droids sing,
    "Jedi with the Force will bring
    peace on Hoth and Endor wild,
    GONK and impies reconciled."
    Joyful all ye planets rise,
    Join the fighters in the skies;
    GONK's metallic voice proclaim,
    "Death Star shall not rule again."
    GONK! the power droids sing, -
    "Glory to the golden wing!"

    Merry GONKmas to all of you!

  • Did you know...
    that the Ewoks sing in Swedish? In the chorus for the end title song they sing "Det luktar flingor här" which means "it smells like cereal here".

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