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Got a question? You might find your answer in this list of frequently asked questions.

Q1. Who is this Blue Harvest guy anyway?
A1. First of all Blue Harvest is a she and she's me. "Blue Harvest" is the Internet-handle/nickname that I use in connection to the sci-fi scene, in news and chat groups, on this site and so fourth.

Q2. Okay then, so what is "Blue Harvest"?
A2. Blue Harvest is a reference to a code-name given to "Return of the Jedi" while filming it.
To keep over-zealous fans and reporters off the set; the crew was given t-shirts and baseballcaps with "Blue Harvest" printed on them. If anyone asked they were instructed to say they were filming a movie called "Blue Harvest - Horror beyond imagination". Supposedly a B-horror flick. (Their ruse didn't work btw. Fans and reporters soon sassed them out and invaded the set. *lol*)

Q3. I'm having trouble downloading one of your files. Help!! I need it for a school project, a presentation... it was my grandmother's dying wish... etc. Can you send it to me? Please, please, please!
A3. No, no and no. I'm sorry, but if I sent files to all who requested them I'd have time to do little else. Please consult my download tips page for video or sound for advice and helpful software. I really can't help you further.

Q4. How come I can download one file in a flash while another file of equal size takes much longer?
A4. My main server is located in Sweden and another server (hosting videos mostly) is located in the U.S. Depending on where you are located and how popular the file is - the download times sometimes vary.

Q5. How much Star Wars material do you have?
A5. About 200MB on my Swedish server and an additional 600MB on other servers. Shortage of time, webspace and bandwith have stopped me from adding more.

Q6. What software did you use to make the site?
A6. Images:
In it's current version I used Photoshop to make the layout images and the plug-in Intellihance and KPT to clean up some bad scans.

HTML, CSS, Java/Perl-scripts etc.:
Usually I use a no-frills text editor for UNIX called Pico to write my code. It's basically a UNIX version of Window's "Notepad" that allows me to edit and save the changes I make on the server directly. "Its a good thing." ;-)

Q7. Where did you get all this stuff?
A7. "The art of Star Wars", "The making of Star Wars"-series, "The Star Wars Technical Journal" and "The Star Wars Visual Dictionary"-series have been a great sources.
The CD-ROMs from LucasArts; "Making the Magic", "Behind the Magic" and "Insider's Guide" have been wonderful. Other sources have been various magazines, like issues of Star Wars insider, SFX (English sci-fi), The 20th anniversary commemorative souvenir and other strange rags I've picked up around the world. Also in some cases I've used direct video/image and audio-capturing from various TV shows and the movies themselves.
Some material however I don't have a source for, for eg. some of the black and white images of the shooting of explosions on the deathstar, they were donated by mail, or found in newsgroups without a hint of where they came from.
Sounds were recorded/rip:ed/encoded by me, taken from CDs (eg. Yoda by Weird Al, is from his "Best of" CD.) or found in newsgroups.

Q8. Do you make any money from this site?
A8. No.
  • Since the material I use for this site is copyrighted by Lucasfilm, it would be an infringement on their rights to the images, sounds, video etc. if I made money on it. I.e. Lucasfilm are kind enough to allow non-commercial sites to use their material as long as you're not out to make a profit.
  • Also it's been a top priority of mine all these years the site has been up to keep it add free. I could make money with the hits this site generates, but as long as I can - I'll try and keep ugly banners off this site.

Q9. Will you make a page with Star Wars news & rumors, a Boba Fett tribute, ships and weapons specifications, collectors exchange etc. anytime soon?
A9. Not likely, no. This site is dedicated to the movies, it's actors, visionaries and artists - with an emphasis on the original trilogy, humor, the unusual and behind the scenes stuff.
There's only ONE of me working on this site, and I'm simply not interested in any of the above.

Q10. There seems to be more pictures and stuff about Han Solo, than any other character. Why?
A10. What can I say? He's my favorite.

Q11. I just started my own Star Wars-site. Tell me, can I use some of your pictures on my site?
A11. Of course! As long as you don't rip off the entire site or the layout. (That means the HTML, "Quote-O-matic", "Did you know" and customized BlueHarvest.net pics.) Just remember that you can't use the pictures for commercial purposes. Also, a link to my site, as your source, would be much appreciated. ;-)

Q12 a. How did you make those cool sounds?
A12 a. I didn't make all of them. Some of them I recorded and pasted together using a program called Music Maker. Other sounds like the one with James Earl Jones (The power of CNN) I found in a newsgroup. (If anyone knows the origin of this btw, I'd love to know so that I can propperly credit it's creator.)

Q12 b. What software did you use to make your songs?
A12 b. I used a program called Music Maker from Magix. If you can find it in a store it's an okay program. I'd recommend Steinberg products though if you're interested in audio editing and music making.

Q13. I have a Kenner actionfigure in it's original box/an original poster/a coffee mug shaped like Vader's head etc. What do you think it would be worth?
A13. Wish I could help you out there, but I'm completely clueless when it comes to memorabilia and Star Wars collectables, sorry. Try a collectors site.

I hope you found what you were looking for here. If not: feel free to send me an e-mail.

Sofia aka. Blue Harvest

"You know, they had a schampoo where you could twist my head off and you could pour liquid out of my neck. My ex-husband used to stick pins into the little doll."
- Carrie amazes over strange merchandising

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