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Chatters are an impatient crowd. Chat places grow in and out of favor very quickly, depending on the speed (or lack of it) of its' server, number of people logged-on regularly and many other things. Thus, making an accurate list of Star Wars chatting places it a difficult task, but here are a few of my personal favorites and reliable places, with steady crowds, that have been around for a while. Star Wars Forum
Tired of over-sized forums where people are rude and your posts go unnoticed?'s own forum was created with this problem in mind. We're always happy to welcome new people and you'll find new friends, from all over the world, in no time.
Join us in the friendliest Star Wars community on the web!

Star Wars Message Boards
This is the official forum at It doesn't have too many whistles and bells, but a lot of people use it. If you want massive; this is as big as it gets.

Ethereal Realms
For those of us who mourned the loss of WBS and Webbfx, and what used to be the best chat communities on the web, there is now a not so shabby substitute. These guys have a lot of features like images, private messages, tags and profiles. I for one love to see this kind of chats, instead of those boring Java chats. Try ER!

The Cloud City Cantina
Here's a spiffy HTML-based chat with a lot of features. Once you've figured out how it works it's very nice.

An independent Star Wars IRC server that's also accessible by a java client for webpage access.
A collection of Star Wars Forums for those who like RPGs. Many different and active campaigns.

Decipher's SW CCG BBS
This is a good place to find people to talk about the Star Wars Customizeable Card Games with. You post a topic with your name to one of the bullitin-boards, then others can respond by clicking on the topic and reading the comments made. Find that special card you're looking for! Selling and trading is encouraged.

Star Wars News/Discussion Groups

News and Discussion groups are another great way of finding people with similiar intersts. Try one of these established groups and you'll soon find what you are looking for.
(Please note that your access to these newsgroups depend on your "Internet service provider", i.e. AOL, Home, Telia etc. If you can't access them, send a letter to their postmaster!)
Discussions on anything and everything related to Star Wars. Lot's of fun.
Get your Star Wars information and news here.
Discussing recently releaced Star Wars action figues a.o.
Discussing Star Wars collectibles of the past.
Star Wars auctions. Make your bid here.
Various Star Wars collecting topics.
Discussion of the new Star Wars episodes.

Images, sounds, mov/avi, fonts, cursors, no talk all posts with goodies to download.

"When shooting (Jedi) in the United States we called the film Blue Harvest. Camera Slates, invoices, hotel reservations, call sheets, production reports, and crew hats and T-shirts all read Blue Harvest. So when a visitor would ask, 'what are you shooting' and we said 'Blue Harvest,' they went on their way. Can you imagine what would have happened if we had said, 'We're shooting the next film in the Star Wars trilogy'?" - Howard Kazanjian Producer

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