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It's hard to picture anyone else playing the characters we've all come to know so well, but just imagine for a moment what would have happened if Harrison Ford hadn't been around the autitions area working as a carpenter and was noticed by Lucas. Or what if Carrie Fisher hadn't received a copy of the script, and gotten hooked on the idea of a space opera?
This page deals with all those "what if"s. We're going to take a good look at what the cast of Star Wars could have looked like, if the other people considered for the roles of our favorite heroes been cast instead.
(The first rule to photo-manipulation is to have good images to start with and good software. I had neither when I made this page back in '97, but maybe that makes it even funnier. You be the judge.)

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Chris First up is Christopher Walken, you may remember him as the villain Zorin in the Bond movie: "View to a kill" or from "The Deer Hunter" and other fine films.
Around the time of the casting for Star Wars, he'd made a couple of movies where he played hard-cooked characters, and these movies were probably the reason why his name came up for a role in Star Wars. The following is my impression of what it would have looked like if he'd been cast as Han Solo.

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Burt Many of Burt Reynolds roles around this time were wise-cracking, mischievous rebels-types which would have made him an ideal Han Solo. He was apparently offered the part, but turned it down. It is said that he considered it too be too much of a gamble (which it was, being a low budget-pioneer movie).

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 Nick Nick Nolte, known from a.o. "48 Hours" with Eddie Murphy, was a struggling actor back in the 70's and was usually typecast as a hellrasing action-oriented character, and was thus considered for the role of Han Solo.

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Richie Richard Dreyfuss had worked with Lucas before on "American Graffiti", and started reading for the part of Han Solo. He had to pass up on Star Wars because he was too busy, but later went on to participate in such blockbusters as "Close encounders of the 3:d kind", "Jaws" and "Stakeout".
Obviously there's no replacing Harrison Ford as Han Solo, but among the would-be Han Solos I'd have to say that Rick's my favorite. He would have made a great Han.

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Jodie Jodie Foster, known for her performances in such movies as "Maverick" with Mel Gibson and "Nell" with Liam Neeson, was considered for the role as princess Leia. A then 19 year old Carrie Fisher got the part in the end as she was every bit as feisty as the character, but imagine a Leia speaking with the strong southern accent used by Foster in " Silence of the Lambs "! (She's also my favorite would-be Leia candidate.)

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Sissy Sissy Spacek - perhaps best known as "Carrie", in the movie based on Stephen King's book by the same name, was given a script to read, and was intended to read for the part as Leia. At the time Carrie Fisher was reading for the part of Carrie, but ultimately had a problem with the nude scenes in "Carrie" and declined. Sissy and Carrie then swapped scripts, and the rest is history.

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Bruce In a recent interview, Babylon 5's Captain Sheridan, Bruce Boxleitner, admitted he auditioned for the part as the young Luke Skywalker. He had become famous for his role in the western: "How the West Was Won", and later starred in another brake-through Sci-Fi movie by Disney called "Tron", which was released about the same time as ESB.

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John And last but not least... There is a wild, and highly questionable rumor circulating, which claims that John Travolta was asked if he'd take on the role of Luke Skywalker. Personally I, among many others, feel that this rumor is false and that the King of Disco never crossed the casting directors mind while looking for our boyish hero, Luke.
In '77 John was still in the middle of the worst "Saturday Night Fever" craze, so my guess is also that he would not have had time to make the movie. But it was fun making this Skywalker/Travolta picture all the same.

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That's it for now... I had a blast making this page, and if you had even half the fun reading it - that'd be the icing that made the cake complete. :-)
Also if you're interested in seeing who else auditioned for the parts of Leia, Luke and Han; Check this site out!

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Did you know...
that Harrison Ford's father was Irish, his mother Russian-Jewish and that his ex-wife, Melissa Mathison, is the screenwriter who wrote "E.T.".

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