Star Wars Images
STEP 1: Pick a picture
Pick a picture from the list below using the small checkboxes to the left of the preview. (You can only pick one picture per card.) Click on the preview-image if you want to see what the picture looks like. An extra window with the image in it will then appear, which you can close after you've seen it.

Seasonal / Special Occasions
Preview Birthday Greeting
Wish a friend a happy birthday with a Star Wars birthday cake!
Preview Happy Easter!
Make sure you get the right kind of candy in your Easter egg.
Preview Happy Halloween! (animated)
Who's the scariest guy in the Star Wars universe? Darth Maul! (Who else?) Scare somebody good with this animated Halloween card.
Preview Original Trilogy Valentine
Send this one to somebody extra special.
Preview Original Trilogy Valentine II
Say "I love you" the Star Wars way.
Preview Original Trilogy Valentine III
A Valentine, with Leia and Han about to kiss, without text.
Preview Prequel Valentine
Amidala and Anakin about to kiss in Episode II.
Preview Merry Christmas
Say a very merry x-mas the Star Wars way.
Preview Happy Holidays!
Although originally a Christmascard, this could be sent to anyone who celebrates in November/December and who loves Star Wars.
Preview Seasons Greetings
Want Star Wars toys? Drop your parents this postcard hint.
Preview Happy New Year
The Deathstar from ROTJ explodes in this new years card for the new millenia.
Preview 2005
Another card to hail the arrival of the year 2005. These fireworks are from the celebrations on Coruscant.

STEP 2: Name & E-mail Information
In the boxes below, please enter both your's and the recipient's name and e-mail addresses. (Don't worry, it's kept completely confidential.)

Your Name:
Your E-Mail Address:
Recipient's Name:
Recipient's E-Mail Address:

STEP 3: Select your text and background colors
Using the two pulldown menus below and/or the backround tile buttons, you may select your text color and background. To make sure that you'll be able to read the card; pick two different colors that contrast eachother well.

Text Color Background Color

Background Tile
None Starlit Sky Background
Snow Background Subtle White Background
Valentine Background Halloween Background
Light Blue Light Green
Blue Dark Green
Dark Blue Yellow
Red Purple

STEP 4: Enter your title & message
Enter your message in the box below. Feel free to use HTML to spice things up.

Card Title
Your Message

STEP 5: Sign your card
Don't forget to sign your card! For example:

  • Love, Sarah
  • Best Wishes, Fred
  • Your secret admirer!

STEP 6: Pick some tunes!
Please make a selection or skip this step for no music.

STEP 7: Go forward to PREVIEW or START OVER
You are now ready to preview your card! To do so, just click on the Preview button below. If you want to clear the form and start all over, select Star Over. Your card will not be sent until you press the Send Card button on the preview screen.

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