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Welcome to BlueHarvest.net!
So... you liked the site and you now want to know who's behind it, eh? :-)
My name is Sofia and I'm a Star Wars crazed fan from Sweden.

"Blue Harvest" is my Internet-handle/nickname. Back in '95 when I started to chat in Star Wars chatrooms I used Blue Harvest as my name and that's how it started. (I drew the cartoon to the top-right of the screen to be my cyberspace alter-ego.)

The name "Blue Harvest" is actually a reference to a code-name given to "Return of the Jedi" while filming it. To fool over-zealous fans and reporters, and keep them off the set; the crew was given T-shirts and baseballcaps with "Blue Harvest" printed on them. If anyone asked; they were instructed to say they were filming a movie called "Blue Harvest - Horror beyond imagination".

BlueHarvest.net first came on-line in Febuary '96 under the name "A Hitch Hiker's Guide to Star Wars". By May '98 the site had grown out of it's old server and moved into a new one. At the same time I changed its name to "BlueHarvest.net" as I registered that domain for the site.

I made this "about-page" to clear up a few things:
1. I'm female. (Not male which everybody seems to automatically assume since it's a sci-fi site.)
2. Swedish, not American.
3. And finally: there's just one person working on the site.

There! Now that we've got that out of the way I'd like to take the opportunity to thank a few fantasic people who have been extra nice and contributed to this site.

Blue Harvest Thanks
Lol McBride for his generous donation of webspace for the video archive!
BigNoseBird for the foundation to my guestbook and postcard scripts.
CIXIT for hosting and providing the 500MB that keeps this site up and running.
David Coates for rare movie files.
D.J. Ensor for H. Ford pics. (One in particular ;-) )
Peter Karlsson for hooking me up with a search-engine for the site.
Jonas Ringh for his tireless help with the Forum.
Michael Streeter for the SW Holiday Special.
T'Bone for great behind the scenes images.

Visitor contributors
Patrick Daley for the RA files.
Mike Bulloch for the wavs. (Yay!)
Chris P.H. for the mp3s.
Sophie Efstratio for the Rolling Stones interview.
Garrett Granger for the Foxtrot cartoon.
Griffin for the Star Wars fonts.
Hewitts for the midis.
Tom Henry for the wavs.
Carol Jude for H. Ford pics.
Pete Langley for the cut scenes pics.
Mike/Starkiller for the Maynard mp3.
Sarah/Star for lovers lane pics.
Laney Webster for cut scenes movs.
Sean for the Australian Episode II pics.

I wish I'd kept better records of who's donated what, but this is start. Also I'd like to send a special thanks to the inexhaustible posters in the Usnet Star Wars newsgroups out there. You're the best!!

If you have more questions about the site in general - take a look at the F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions).

Thanks for your visit and come again anytime!
May the force be with you.
Sofia aka. Blue Harvest

"I said to George; 'You can type this shit, but you can't say it.' and it's still true." - Harrison Ford found some of the lines to be a mouthful in Star Wars

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