Welcome to Star Wars behind the scenes galore and more than 700MB of Star Wars fun! Here you'll find pictures, sounds, movie clips, cut scenes and lots of other stuff you don't see in the movies. If you like this sort of thing too; Congratulations! You've come to the right place.

Join us! Do people stare at you when you keep your Star Wars costume on after Halloween? Do your friends sigh and roll their eyes when you chew their ears off rambling about Star Wars & Sci-Fi day and night?

Never fear! has the answer.

Join's own Star Wars Forum! Chat up a storm with Star Wars fans from every corner of planet Earth. :-)

Stick figure animation theater

Here's a selection of what you can find here at :
Chat Rooms
Find other Star Wars fans around the globe to chat with!

Download Star Wars fonts, icons, cursors, screensavers, wallpaper and more!

Have fun in's very own Star Wars Discussion Forum.

Chat with an interactive Yoda, create your own Star Wars name, play Star Wars Hangman or let Vader's magic helmet predict your future!

Gonk Tribute
A tribute to the Gonkiest droid in the Star Wars universe.

Image Archive
Behind the scenes, cut scenes, PR images and tons of other rare pictures!

Links to other great Star Wars sites.

Read interviews with Star Wars cast and crew or the scripts of the movies.

Sound Archive
A Star Wars sound archive full of spoofs, songs and fun stuff.

Star Wars Postcards
Send neat Star Wars postcards to friends and family!

Video Archive
HUGE resource with Star Wars movie clips, cut scenes, trailers and more!

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Did you know...
that "Attack of the clones" is the first movie where Yoda is completely computer animated? Frank Oz was available on the set, but only as an aid to the actors with his voice.

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